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# Sentence Times
1. A antifouling glass coating comprises a copper containing glass material dispersed in asphalt and resin carrier. 1
2. A high solid, tin free, polishing antifouling with active biocides added. 1
3. A superior antifouling for use in waters with severe fouling. 1
4. Capsaicins and its extraction methods from capsicum frutescens and application in antifouling and rodent resistance coatings were described. 1
5. Capsaicins and its extraction methods frutescens and application in antifouling and rodent resistance coatings were described. 1
6. CPT is an effective antimicrobial and biocide. It is a perfect antifouling material to prevent adhesion of halobios on object. 1
7. Development of nontoxic antifouling paint is an inexorable trend of antifouling paint. 2
8. For underwater hull, use antifouling as recommended. Coal-tar bleed through is likely with most topcoats. 1
9. Present situation of marine antifouling coatings is reviewed. Its development trend is prospected. 1
10. Self polishing antifouling composition based on vinyl copolymer and other special binders. 1
11. Subsequent coats: Chlorinated rubber topcoat , long term high build antifouling paint and long term antifouling paint. 2
12. Technical features: Fine - white materials with precision screen printing technique, antifouling polymer crystals, the entire computer monitor. 1
13. The article has introduced some commercial anti - rust and antifouling coatings, the update products and development trend. 1
14. The importance of studying Organotin - free self - polishing marine antifouling coatings and their development were introduced. 1
15. The iodometric method for the determination of copper content in antifouling paints by normal pressure stepwise digestion is studied. 1
16. The result of test proved that the antifouling fishnet material had satisfactory antifouling. 2
17. Then the surface properties, microphase - separated structure and antifouling property of these coatings were investigated. 1
18. Thereby, an antifouling stainless steel member improved in flaw resistance and also keeping the antifouling property against water stain or the like over a long period of time is provided. 2
19. These results are helpful for developing new non - toxic antifouling paints. 1
20. Tin free , polishing antifouling composition with cuprous oxide. 1
21. Without using lacquer, they still have excellent feeling and antifouling effect. 1


[ˌantēˈfouliNG, ˌantī-]


anti-fouling (noun)

  - treatment of a boat's hull with a paint or similar substance designed to prevent fouling.


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