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# Sentence Times
1. A Mediterranean cruise was the perfect antidote to a long cold winter. 1
2. A shot of adrenalin was given as an antidote to the wasp sting. 1
3. A smile is nature's best antidote for discouragement. 1
4. Action was his antidote to frustration. 1
5. Although a perfect antidote to those who yearn for a return of those days. 1
6. Although our inner lives have been relentlessly diminished by ecosocial isolation, the antidote lies in recovering awareness of our context. 1
7. Amphetamines were widely used as an antidote to neurotic depression into the 1960s, until such "pep pills" came to be seen as doing more harm than good. 1
8. And as the antidote to such things it is devoutly to be wished. 1
9. And the busty Belfast blonde could get Brown all hot under the collar with her antidote agenda to "serious and boring" politics. 1
10. And the jewel pink, pulpy liquid is the perfect antidote to August heat. 1
11. As an antidote to a gloomy climate, expect spring 2009 to usher in sparkle and pizzazz. Here are some shimmery looks seen recently on celebrities and the runways alike. 1
12. As an apiod receptor antagonist, naloxone used to be a special antidote of meconiums. 1
13. But coziness requires its own antidote: I like to run at night, after the girls have been put to bed with stories and stuffed bears and night lights. 0
14. Christians and humanists are not alone in agreeing that doubt can be an antidote to inauthentic faith or to error and falsehood. 1
15. Could killing a biological agent be as simple as drinking a peppermint - flavored antidote? 1
16. Creative activity serves as an effective antidote to depression. 1
17. Criticism murmuring , complaining, etc. kill relationships. antidote? Be praiseful! 1
18. First, the primacy of class must be promoted as an antidote to individualism. 1
19. For lack of specific antidote, sea snake injury has become a common problem for the health safeguard of sea exploration, marine work and transoceanic fight. 1
20. For once we had definite news that things were looking up, and it was the perfect antidote to the gruelling journey. 1
21. For the next few days, we'll concentrate on the antidotes to these debilitating beliefs. 1
22. Give him a gastric lavage immediatly and then give him the antidote. 1
23. He offered an antidote, saying that figs "stere a man to veneryous actes, for they doth urge and increase the sede of generacyon." 1
24. He was also reputed to be well versed in poisons and their antidotes. 1
25. However inadequate she was proving as an antidote to his nightmares she was, none the less, an attractive asset during the day. 1
26. Hydroxocobalamin is an intravenous antidote of known and suspected cyanide poisoning, which has the unique action mechanism of direct tightly binding cyanide ions. 1
27. I admire Ms. Retik's work partly because she offers an antidote to the pusillanimous anti-Islamic hysteria that clouds this anniversary of 9/11. 1
28. I can imagine a slow recovery and low inflation which would fail to bring interest rates down - the poison's antidote. 1
29. I had my routines: constant vigilance, my antidote to the sin of sleeping and the undomesticated world of dreams. 1
30. I think that stricter punishment is the best antidote for crime. 1




antidotes (plural noun)

  - a medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison.


antidotes (third person present) · antidoting (present participle) · antidoted (past tense) · antidoted (past participle)

  - counteract or cancel with an antidote.


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