Annoy Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use annoy, so you can learn how to use annoy in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word annoy here, and see the words sound like or similar to annoy

# Sentence Times
1. (Reuters Life!) - Ever wonder why overhearing a cellphone conversation is so annoying? 1
2. (Reuters Life!) - Ever wonder why overhearing a cellphone conversation is so annoying? American researchers think they have found the answer. 1
3. "After watching what happened in Naivasha and Nakuru, especially to their kids and kin who were being butchered in the presence of the police, they were very annoyed, " he said. 1
4. A bow is better left in the hands of lightly armored horsemen who could annoy the enemy with volleys , then run away quickly if attacked (to later come back and strike again). 1
5. A cowlick is that often annoying little sprig of hair that seems to grow in a different direction from everything else and just won't lie down. 1
6. A dog that barks constantly can be a source of annoyance to the neighbours. 1
7. A flicker of annoyance crossed his face. 1
8. A gentle wind gets rid of my annoyance. 1
9. A horse may show annoyance by putting its ears back. 1
10. A jobless actor was annoying an off-duty bouncer, announcing loudly that he was due for a break. 1
11. A leaking roof is just one of life's petty annoyances! 1
12. A look of annoyance crossed her face. 1
13. A look of deep annoyance crossed his face. 1
14. A nose wrinkle, with nostrils flaring backwards: betrays annoyance or disgust. 1
15. A positive attitude may not solve all you problem, but it will annoy enough people worth the effort . Herm Albright. 1
16. A spare pair of trunks had been annoyingly found. 1
17. A surname male student said annoyingly. 1
18. A very short length of cable is supplied with the machine, and this proved annoying unless an extension lead was used. 1
19. A woman goes to a curry house and annoys the waiter. 1
20. A young policewoman came out, took a good look at her, decided to be annoyed, and went back. 1
21. A Zippo lighter app displays an animated picture to wave at concerts, while Annoy-a-teen plays a high-pitched sound that only teenagers are -supposed to be able to hear. 0
22. Above the music on the radio was an annoying, high-pitched whistle. 1
23. Actually, I am still more annoyed by those lava lamps and balls, and now Google's aren't-we-kooky-as-ever dinosaur statue on its campus. 1
24. Added to this is the vibration caused by heavy goods vehicles and the annoyance of air traffic suffered by all city dwellers. 1
25. After all, if everything was hunky-dory all the time, you would never get a chance to learn how to be patient. (I'm sure that last sentence was annoying too! 1
26. After learning that Old Madam Hong has given Zhizhong a piece of land as a security for a loan, Mingming is very annoyed. She rushes to Taipei and has a bitter dispute with Old Madam Hong. 1
27. Alan found the constant noise of the traffic an annoyance. 1
28. Alex looked annoyingly cheerful. 1
29. Alida went downstairs, stooping a little, not knowing that she stooped, annoyed at the trouble a hot drink caused. 1
30. All of these are self-inflicted to some extent - do they annoy you too? 1

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