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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use amid, so you can learn how to use amid in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word amid here, and see the words sound like or similar to amid

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1. A branch of the government-run State Bank of Mysore had approved a $1.3 million loan, but stopped disbursing funds after several thousand dollars, Mr. Alva says, amid the land dispute. 1
2. A brilliant red sea star lies amid algae -covered rocks in the waters off Vancouver Island, Canada. 1
3. A cationic protein filling agent has been prepared from collagen hydrolysate by amidation with ethanolamine and amination with diethanolamine-formaldehyde condensate. 1
4. A collection of firefighting crews moved to a primitive airstrip, a strip of grass amid the pines. 1
5. A company co-founder said the need for such a service had collapsed amid the economic downturn. 1
6. A comrade had found a cave near Pac Bo, a village nestled amid the strange northern landscape of limestone hills. 1
7. A dicarboxyl capric amide surfactant and synthetic method thereof are provided. 1
8. A dicarboxyl oleic amide surfactant and synthetic method thereof are provided. 1
9. A dilapidated house stands disconsolately amid the rubbles. 1
10. A few miles inland from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, amid cracked earth and mesquite and sun - bleached cactus, neat rows of emerald plants are sprouting from the desert floor. 1
11. A few minutes later she had vanished beneath the waves amidst a vast pall of smoke. 1
12. A first edition of a Donald Duck comic book from 1948 has been held behind bars in Sweden for a year-and-a-half amid a divorcing couple's drawn-out custody battle. 1
13. A further negotiation session was planned for late September, but the August talks ended amid mutual accusations. 1
14. A hiker climbs amid volcanic fumes in Russia's Kamchatka peninsula. 1
15. A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate, acrylic acid and vinyl acetate. 1
16. A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate(sentencedict .com), acrylic acid and vinyl acetate. 1
17. A leading indicator of nonresidential construction, the Architecture Billings Index, has signaled contraction since January, amid tight credit and a limited boost from government stimulus. 1
18. A light yacht, chaste and elegant in its form, was gliding amidst the first dews of night over the immense lake, extending from Gibraltar to the Dardanelles , and from Tunis to Venice. 1
19. A lone Atlantic walrus rests on what looks to be an undersized ice floe amid a glassy sea in Canada's Foxe Basin. 1
20. A love story set amid the unstable political landscape of 1974 Cyprus. 1
21. A model sports full Queen Amidala regalia. 0
22. A nervous llama lies in the back of a pickup truck amid the moonscape of Chile’s Atacama Desert. 1
23. A new leather fatliquor product was synthesized by amidation, esterification and neutralization of cotton oil. 1
24. A nice piece of marquetry as a one-off looks strangely ill at ease amid the clamour. 1
25. A peacock, perhaps competing with the surrounding flora, struts in full regalia amid the roses and manicured hedges of an English garden. 1
26. A porthole was opened amidships and on a plank lay the small body. 1
27. A resolute defensive display amid high hostility in the Stadio Delle Alpi secures a place in the last four of the Champions League at Juve's expense and confirms our return as a European super power. 1
28. A restaurant with an open-air bar, it's a place to sit amid warm wood hues and chattering groups of friends as you enjoy tasty sushi hand-rolls and a Mango and Cardamom Daiquiri , perhaps? 1
29. A royal commission into the disaster was announced amid mounting concern that the longstanding strategy for bushfire emergencies may have had catastrophic consequences for some people. 1
30. A saguaro cactus stands tall amid a frenzy of lightning bolts in Arizona. 1

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