Amble Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use amble, so you can learn how to use amble in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word amble here, and see the words sound like or similar to amble

# Sentence Times
1. A groom ran forward to hold their horses while another ambled off to tell Sir Thomas of their arrival. 1
2. A pathway ambles up beside art galleries and chic boutiques to the domed church. 1
3. A robot cannot have a remotely linked head, as Ambler did. 0
4. An old man came out and ambled over for a chat. 1
5. As the snow fell, Tai Shan ambled around the compound to the oohs and aahs of bystanders. At one point, his keepers brought out a triple-decker ice cake with layers of bamboo leaves. 1
6. C.-They ambled up the crowded tunnel, one after the other, their eyes as lifeless as their team. 1
7. Every evening, they amble along the bank. 1
8. Having nothing better to do on a blustery Sunday, I decided to amble along on one. 1
9. He ambled over to the nearest tree - happily some metres from where I stood hidden, and turned towards the tower. 1
10. He ambled towards us smirking, tapping a packet of air-mail envelopes on his palm. 1
11. He is often an ambler. 1
12. He was coming along at an amble. 1
13. Heaving his body up to his feet he left his cool sanctuary and ambled over towards them. 1
14. I amble over to Odd-Knut to ask a few dumb questions. 1
15. I tend now to the sedentary, and when I walk in the city I prefer to amble. 1
16. I think a more logic al division would be a three-way split into utilities, casinos and people who visit casinos tog amble. 1
17. Interface - flow diagrams can be used during the Model Ambler, 1998 b to model the flow between screens. This website 0
18. Jigeehuu ambled shakily over to it after our first embrace and ladled out half a pint for me in a rice bowl. 1
19. Julie ambled happily down the long immaculate front lawn, bordered on each side by miniature fruit trees. 1
20. Leakey is an infant , but old enough to amble through the canopy on his own. 1
21. Let's go for an amble. 1
22. Mary was an ambler. 1
23. Maybe 100 feet in all. They Ambler. 0
24. Moving its six crab like legs was the easiest part for Ambler. 0
25. On a steamy Wednesday afternoon in October, a well-worn jeep pulls off the pock-marked dirt road and ambles to a stop in the tall grass. 1
26. Once he ambled into a nostril of sand, that sneezed and sneezed to expel him. 1
27. Once we were harangued to eat protein, and heaven help the poor water buffalo who ambled past me at mealtime. 1
28. People ambled along, indulging in the local pastime of frustrating car drivers who had the temerity to attempt a breakthrough. 1
29. Peter ambled after them and joined other fathers who would doubtless have to help with bootlaces. 1
30. Scott Ambler suggests that this document could be called a Quality Log or Compliancy Record, as many people associate the word "review" with overly formal or onerous process. 0

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