Ambivalent Definition

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# Sentence Times
31. He maintained an ambivalent attitude to the Church throughout his long life. 1
32. He remained ambivalent for a long while about actual nature of light. 1
33. He was greeted with ambivalent enthusiasm. 1
34. Her distaste has since evolved into ambivalent fascination. 1
35. However, he has been ambivalent on the military budget, overall. 1
36. Huxley himself was ambivalent about soma pills or their equivalent. 1
37. I felt very ambivalent about leaving home. 1
38. I must have acquired ambivalent attitude towards women from her. 1
39. I've always had a rather ambivalent attitude towards something happening to my father, and it persists. 1
40. In Karasu the Chinese traders are also ambivalent. 1
41. Individuals are often so ambivalent about trying to restore a relationship that they back away without making an effort. 1
42. John Kennedy was even more ambivalent about the Shah than Eisenhower had been. 1
43. Many Japanese managers are ambivalent about such matters too, and they about having to do it. 1
44. Many members of the parish were profoundly ambivalent about the protest. 1
45. Moreover, through the garden, we can learn about people's ambivalent attitudes toward nature. 1
46. Nicholson remained fairly ambivalent about the thought of having a son, mainly, he explained, because of Anspach's attitude. 1
47. One of the consequences of this is an ambivalent attitude to black immigrants. 1
48. Saconi was in there at one of the tables, blithe and ambivalent in the diffused natural light. 1
49. She has been ambivalent about divorcing her hus - band. 1
50. She remained ambivalent about her marriage. 1
51. She seems to feel ambivalent about her new job. 1
52. So it adds up to something ambivalent about him, so much so that I have to wonder. 1
53. So the chaotic sea has an ambivalent character as well, like the sea, its visible expression. 1
54. Society is ambivalent about recognising that elderly people have a legitimate wish to continue to express their sexuality in physical ways. 1
55. Some are ambivalent about Bill Clinton and his stewardship of the nation. 1
56. Some people can be ambivalent in this way for years. 1
57. Telegraph/Times readers were more ambivalent, however, and our small sample of Guardian readers preferred the press by a big majority. 1
58. Thaddeus, real love isn't ever ambivalent. 1
59. The attitude of the nationalised Boards to the accelerating growth of the postwar space heating load was ambivalent. 1
60. The effect is a much more ambivalent and less fixed positioning of subjectivity. 1

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