Ambivalence Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A contradiction not rooted in ambivalence remains a mere psychological incident. 1
2. A similar ambivalence prevailed in the provision of grave goods as in the bestowal of presents. 1
3. A third candle was ambivalence, and usually takes the form of two women who are close allies and rivals. 1
4. Abundant evidence of ambivalence between ascriptive and associative use is to be found in examples of historical change. 1
5. All admitted that the decision to accept promotion created some anxiety and ambivalence. 1
6. And that it was my parents' ambivalence, as much as anything, that had driven us all nuts. 1
7. Another important finding of the study was the confusion and ambivalence which these carers exhibited in relation to role reversal. 1
8. As a result of this foolish ambivalence the Government is in danger of wasting the credit it deserves for the minimum wage. 1
9. At first, reading this passage I let out a gasp: I had never seen maternal ambivalence described on the page. 1
10. Brookner probes with scrupulous attention, keen irony and a profound appreciation of the endless ambivalences that beset human relationships. 1
11. But Congressional equivocation also reflects Congressional ambivalence. 1
12. But in the end, all he was certain of was his own moral ambivalence. 1
13. But lately ambivalence is turning into out - and - out royalism. 1
14. But the European effort was beset by ambivalence at its core. 1
15. But the poll shows ambivalence about Mr. Obama's economic prescriptions. 1
16. Claggart is evil, but his hatred for Billy is a subtly stated ambivalence. 1
17. Coetzee's ambivalence is to vacillate between to be or not to be Afrikaner in South Africa. 1
18. From a theoretical point of view, social psychologists have often been unhappy in dealing with cognitive ambivalence. 1
19. Given this ambivalence towards political authority, there is little scope in the United States for heroic leadership. 1
20. He understood the public's ambivalence, shown by every poll. 1
21. Her petty jealousy and deep ambivalence about Dickinson explode through her schoolmarm prose. 1
22. His poetry, and the main female characters lack realism, refraction of Byron female ambivalence. 1
23. I've never lied about my feelings, including my ambivalence about getting married again. 1
24. In assessing whether a particular doctrine might have encouraged scientific inquiry, such ambivalence must be taken into account. 1
25. In James, it is civilized, social man negotiating and experiencing a world of irreducible ambivalence and complexity. 1
26. In particular, regulatory control is characterized by an ambivalence which has both political and moral dimensions. 1
27. Indeed, the outcome of the battle of the battle flag only serves to symbolise ambivalence and irreconcilability in the South. 1
28. It is as an answer to this ambivalence that the civic culture recommends itself. 1
29. It is not altogether idle to speculate about what seems to be driving the private ambivalence and the public controversy. 1
30. It is the suffering of ambivalence: the murderous alternation between bitter resentment and raw-edged nerves and blissful gratification and tenderness. 0

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