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# Sentence Times
1. "We thought it was achievable—it's not a stunningly ambitious target, " said Ann Keeling, chair of the NCD Alliance. 1
2. 7At annual winter SEAL qualification training, troops are flown to Kodiak, Alaska, and given an ambitious mission to perform over the course of several days. 1
3. A bit too ambitious, that lad, he'd like to see me come unstuck. 1
4. A deep - rooted tree is leafy ; an ambitious man is vigorous. 1
5. A large praetorian bureaucracy filled with ambitious and often sycophantic people makes work and makes trouble. 1
6. A large praetorian bureaucracy, filled with ambitious, possessive. and often sycophantic people, makes work and makes trouble(Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. 1
7. A less ambitious cash-in is the Gorby blaster, above right: the head flashes red and wails when pressed. 1
8. A less ambitious painter would have been content merely to bask in the glory that his canvases had earned him. 1
9. A lukewarm response to these series of ambitious works induced Fragonard to abandon Rococo and to experiment with Neoclassicism. 1
10. A more ambitious bill that would have ended virtually all trade sanctions was voted down earlier in the same house debate. 1
11. A more ambitious escapade took Johnny Blunt and a friend on a hitchhike from London to Glasgow. 1
12. A stultifying inversion has snuffed out some of the most ambitious air-quality bills in the Legislature this year. 1
13. A third force has been the rise of several ambitious state-owned companies. 1
14. A typically startling and ambitious novel of murder and other threats. 1
15. Adulation ever follows the ambitious, for such alone receive most pleasure from flattery. 1
16. After Diocletian, ambitious Christian leaders ruled through the powerful fusion of Roman political, social, and military precedents with symbolism and Christianity. 1
17. Agrippina is considered to be the murderer, because she was ambitious for her son, Nero, and Claudius had become suspicious of her intrigues. 1
18. Alfred was intensely ambitious, obsessed with the idea of becoming rich, and channeled all his energy into his career. 1
19. Alfred was intensely ambitious, obsessed with the idea of becoming rich. 1
20. Alison McGee, a biologist with the Nature Conservancy in Georgia, said the Pentagon's commitment allowed local groups to be more ambitious in rebuilding the natural ecosystem. 1
21. All it will take is ato be ambitious and a determination to leave no stone unturned. 1
22. Already LittleBigPlanet 2 is looking hugely ambitious, extending its scope beyond platforming and so far astounded every time we've seen it. 1
23. An ambitious agenda was agreed on, and the official calendars of 12 heads of state were duly adjusted. 1
24. An ambitious bar association volunteer program for assisting the underprivileged quickly followed. 1
25. An ambitious perfectionist, he practiced each new spectacle until he could perform it with his eyes closed. 1
26. An ambitious plan was formed for a bridge of boats to be constructed so that an attack on the mainland could be mounted. 1
27. An ambitious reader might finish off one a month without disrupting a personal reading program already in place. That means he or she would cross the finish line in the year 2063. 1
28. An ambitious reclamation scheme on the south coast also came to nothing around this time. 1
29. An ambitious task ... but they're convinced the combination of suspense and high flying drama will bring in the cinema audiences. 1
30. An interesting and ambitious solution to the oil import bill problem is to substitute synthetic petrol made from natural gas. 1

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