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1. "This is a company that is born with ambitions that go beyond Brazil," Falco said at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro. "We have international dreams." 1
2. "We all share ambitions for this round, " Mr. Hill told reporters as he arrived at his hotel on Wednesday evening. "We want to make a good start, a good step forward. 1
3. A modicum of anxiety about its ambitions is more than just cold - war paranoia. 1
4. A spokeswoman said Netease slop - wallowing ambitions are more for the public welfare than private profit. 1
5. Afghanistan should be the very last place where we are a land-based meddler, caught up in internal Islamic conflict, helping the strategic ambitions of the Chinese and others. 1
6. All ambitions are blasted. 1
7. Already complementary technology agreements have been made among local firms to support these ambitions. 1
8. Also symbolizing the end of Big Blue's distant ambitions to dominate the PC industry, IBM announced that it would end support for OS/2, which it and Microsoft once touted as the heir to DOS. 1
9. Although Britain had long had trading connections with these areas, hitherto she had had no territorial ambitions there. 1
10. And how petty those ambitions were, really, besides my family's happiness. 1
11. And the repeated, unabashed character of his nose-thumbing is encouraging others with nuclear ambitions to think they could get away with it too. 1
12. Angelopoulos has made an indulgent, at times breathtaking film with big ambitions. 1
13. Arran's ambitions lie elsewhere with a prime number problem intrigued and frustrated mathematicians for 150 years. 1
14. Arrogant or pretentious wives can sometimes kill the political ambitions of their husbands. 1
15. As it turned out, these ambitions proved only partly realizable in one retreat. 1
16. As long as individuals are different and have personal aims, ambitions and needs they will seek to achieve those for themselves. 1
17. At some point Rudi seemed to have accepted the fact that he would never satisfy his intellectual ambitions. 1
18. Balancing Chinese ambitions is also partly why ASEAN has been keen to draw other powers, including Japan, Australia, India and Russia, into its summitry. 1
19. Belpan had little crime, no enemies, nothing worth stealing, and no territorial ambitions. 1
20. Both have major ambitions for the overall World Cup title. 1
21. But by picking Mr Tanigaki over younger guns with ambitions to shake up the party's gerontocracy, the LDP shows that its eyes are still fixed on the past—and has not learned many lessons from defeat. 1
22. But computer division head Kunimasa Suzuki said the company had ambitions to catch up quickly. 1
23. But events in the region had offended the West's democratic sensibilities and aroused fears of greater Soviet ambitions. 1
24. But I do think as long as you've got ambitions in life you can do anything you want. 1
25. But over that period the Chinese tobacco industry's ambitions - and sophistication - also grown. 1
26. But such organizations have had only limited success in restraining national ambitions and averting conflicts between states. 1
27. But the cosmodrome is just a start for Russia's new space ambitions. 1
28. By 1980, the Midland was so desperate to satisfy its international ambitions, it would have agreed to almost anything. 1
29. By the time the Ballot result was declared in June, Mussolini's Abyssinian ambitions dominated the international agenda. 1
30. By then , the moneymaking was clearly of secondary importance in the Kennedy ambitions. 1

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