Ambiguity Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A general analytic expression of light intensity distribution at the observation plane is obtained by means of ambiguity function method. Some special cases are discussed and verified by experiments. 1
2. A lot of humour depends on ambiguity. 1
3. A major cause of ambiguity is the lack of acoustic cues to word boundaries. 1
4. A new arithmetic using relativity to judge array ambiguity is introduced. The shortage of equational arithmetic when array is complex and arithmetic of searching the spectrum peaks is conquered. 1
5. A new method was proposed to recognize target after attitude estimation, which overcame the ambiguity problem of traditional 3D target recognition algorithms. 1
6. A particular branch, the Grammatical Shastra, was formulated using the Sanskrit vocabulary as a substratum, with no ambiguity whatsoever. 1
7. A presumptuous nickname, whether applied directly to a person or one's profession, can thwart communication by its offensiveness as much as by its ambiguity. 1
8. According to the characteristic that all sorts of influencing factors in mines possess obvious ambiguity and vagueness , the fuzzy evaluation mode that fits stope reliability evaluation was built. 1
9. Actually the kernel design in the recognition method based on discrete time - frequency representation is a problem of feature selection from the ambiguity functions to reduce feature dimension. 1
10. After the examples are analyzed, there are problems which need to be solved such as ambiguity, real-time clock bias error and the estimate method of zenith wet delay. 1
11. All of these situations produce character-level ambiguity which must be reduced to achieve good recognition performance. 1
12. Alternately, you may prefix the name of the parameter with the unqualified name of the Mixin class; this eliminates the ambiguity. Example. 1
13. Alternately, you may prefix the name of the parameter with the unqualified name of the Mixin class; this eliminates the ambiguity. Example.sentencedict .com 1
14. Ambiguity is an inherent property of language. It can be divided into phonological ambiguity, lexical ambiguity and grammatical ambiguity. 3
15. Among people, ambiguity in sexuality and indefinable emotions, cause them to drift afloat endlessly. 1
16. And the story took with it into the kingdom of unmeaning its two essential ingredients: uniqueness and ambiguity. 1
17. And thus better able to solve the unknown word problem and most of the ambiguity problem. 1
18. And yet this type of ambiguity bears a striking resemblance to the scope ambiguities described above. 1
19. Any provision in supplementary documents in discrepancy, ambiguity or inconsistency with that in the text and appendices of the contract shall be null and void and shall have no effect. 1
20. As a means of low level image processing, image enhancement usually has ambiguity and vagueness. 1
21. As a result there are areas of ambiguity in determining the value of state support for the railways. 1
22. At present I only wish to draw attention to a possible ambiguity in a crucial move. 1
23. At the same time, reading syntactic ambiguity sentence will take on more cognition resources, and will have high mental load, which correlates to the syntactic ambiguity and the estimation paradigm. 2
24. At the time of the rapid development of technology, the ambiguity problem has become one of the bottlenecks of natural language processing. 1
25. Attitude training Attitudes are much more difficult to change than are skills and there can be ambiguity about what constitutes an improvement. 1
26. Avoid obscurity of expression. Avoid ambiguity. 1
27. Background There is ambiguity concerning the nomenclature and classification of the traumatic spondylolisthesis of the Axis ( TSA ). 1
28. Based on the definition of the average ambiguity function, the numerical expression of the average ambiguity function for the RPPM pulse doppler radar signal is derived in this dissertation. 2
29. Because conflict, ambiguity, or tension controls the poem's structure, the meaning of the poem can be discovered only by analyzing contextually the poetic elements and diction. 1
30. Being defined in terms of tension or paradox, ambiguity's potential diversity was restored to some sort of unitary wholeness. 0




ambiguities (plural noun)

  - the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness.


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