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# Sentence Times
1. A bimetallic element is fitted between the movement and Bourdon tube to compensate for fluctuations of ambient temperature at the case. 1
2. A constant volume cell for spray study was designed to investigate the thick spray characteristics under high injection pressure and high ambient pressure. 1
3. A cyberjazz blend of alien voices, ambient textures and extraterrestrial grooves. 1
4. A discussion on the ambient factors of eletrieal product used in railway engines and the effect of ambient condition to the products is presented in this paper. 2
5. A high efficient, reliable gas treatment system which works at high temperature or ambient condition, is needed in the new generation energy conversion system, such as IGCC and PFBC. 1
6. A non-profit organisation to promote Electronic, Space and ambient music. 1
7. A novel process of ambient temperature parkerizing and blackening for ferrous metals was studied, as also the effect of factors on the finishing quality. 1
8. A portable room temperature diode laser based on mid infrared gas sensor was developed for open path measurements of methane in ambient air. 1
9. A single alpha particle generates a track of from 30,000 to 70,000 positive and negative ions per cm, which may be polarized and moved about by ambient electric fields. 1
10. A small hole orifice or restrictor in a component for allowing pressure in the component to be the same as ambient pressure. 1
11. A state-time spectrum of aircraft ambient vibration is an important statistical parameter of an aircraft. 1
12. A stunning, beat-driven first half leads to a rather directionless ambient second section. 1
13. A VUV soft ionization source was adopted in the mass spectrometer, which can avoid the formation of fragment ions and analyze volatile organic compounds in ambient air without pre-separation. 1
14. After calibration, octave band measurements were taken at each of the listening locations for ambient and pink noise levels from each of the sound output locations. 1
15. Air Otto cycle is improved with the application of real gas instead of ambient air. 1
16. All mechanical ventilation systems must meet the indoor ambient noise levels in Table 1.1 of BB 93. 1
17. Amphibians and reptiles are poikilothermic and quite sensitive to the change of ambient temperature. They adapt to environmental temperature by means of self- thermoregulation . 1
18. An ambient field aids the magnetization from the exciting current. 1
19. An analysis of a passive seismic method for subsurface imaging is presented in which ambient seismic noise is employed as the source of illumination of subsurface scatterers. 1
20. Another ambient temperature sensor is the vapor - filled bellows. 1
21. Another example that is yellow and purple, yellow light goes well with purple ambient light. 1
22. Asphalt mixture is a kind of viscoelastic material , which mechanical properties are correlated with ambient temperature. 1
23. At high ambient temperatures, animals in the target zone get lost in the background scene. 1
24. Based on extensive research of literature, the feasibility of using ambient flame as ionization source of mass spectrometry is studied theoretically. 1
25. Based on the conservation of mass flux, the theoretical equation of the centerlinedilution along the axis of jets in coflow ambient is developed. 1
26. Because bi metal element in miniature circuit breaker is easily affected by ambient temperature change, the protective characteristic of overload will be changed with ambient temperature change. 2
27. Bone conduction microphones enable headsets to effectively eliminate the ambient noise. 1
28. Both of them are loaded up with Bluetooth, an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and a rechargeable battery. 1
29. Built-in photosensitive resistor (CDS), Brightness according to ambient light, Automatic IR LED can be opened and closed, More delay infrared lamp working life. 1
30. But go for a compromise between a bright screen image and ambient room lighting. 1




  - relating to the immediate surroundings of something.


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