Ambience Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A character's footstep sound alone is not ambience. 1
2. A cocky, selfish veteran who loves nothing but his AK-47, Sacha is at home in the cynical ambience of combat. 1
3. A couple who dined the other Friday report both food and ambience as appealing as ever. 1
4. A sonar array signal simulator generating signals received by hydrophones in a sonar array is useful in underwater acoustic engineering. It can simulate true detected targets as well as the ambience. 1
5. A waitress bustles, the ambience hustles. 1
6. After a day in the office, even I felt the benefit of the quiet ambience. 1
7. An ambience of embattled loneliness hovers over most of them. 1
8. As maintained by its proponents, the ambience formed from the diffused light of the candle makes this aromatherapy diffuser perfect for the bedroom, on your desktop, or in bathrooms. 1
9. Being the contrary cuss he was, he did not find this overnight change of ambience entirely melancholy. 1
10. Braitman and Ehrenzweig like having it where they live, and feel its cooperative, relaxed ambience is very San Francisco. 1
11. By the beginning of the twentieth century the attitudes and ambience of many foreign offices were altering quite rapidly. 1
12. Carbon fiber interior trim or exquisite woods complete the exclusive ambience. 1
13. Commercial display lighting, illuminate the ambience. 1
14. Complementary colours produce a quieter, more relaxing ambience than contrasting colours. 1
15. Describing it as a "beautiful rip-off", BirdAbroad revealed how far the owners had gone to copy the decor and ambience of a real Apple store. 1
16. Despite being a busy city, Dublin has the ambience of a country town. 1
17. Dine in a different ambience with nice mix of music played by resident DJs. 1
18. Each of these station types had its own distinctive character and ambience. Let us linger a while at some of them. 1
19. Easygoing Montreal is increasingly popular with foreign travelers, who enjoy the joie de vivre of a place with bilingual ambience, good local beer and even skiing at nearby Mt Royal. 1
20. Enjoy the ambience of our Lobby Lounge bar while you linger over cocktail or refreshing beverage. 1
21. Guest accommodations offer a restful, airy ambience inspired by local architecture – with traditional teak wood furnishings, high ceilings and roofs thatched with pandanus leaves. 1
22. Here and there a partial car skeleton peeped out of encroaching weeds, giving the neighborhood a certain Appalachian ambience. 1
23. Imagine the tranquility of a Tuscan valley, combined with the exotic ambience of Asia. 1
24. Improve the ambience and dine by candlelight saving electricity. 1
25. Improve the ambience and have dinner by candlelight, saving the electricity. 1
26. Improve the ambience and have dinner by candlelight, saving the electricity.This website 1
27. Inside there are old beams, inglenook fireplaces, oriental carpets and a warm and friendly ambience. 1
28. Inside, the decor is elegant and traditional, the gentle colour scheme creating a relaxing ambience. 1
29. It has 10 floors, with elevators, and a musty, professional ambience. 1
30. It is tragic, therefore, if the cultural ambience provides too easily for perversion. 1

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