Allowance Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " True, besides, the school didn't give Miss Sun any travel allowance. I forgot to tell you. " 1
2. "It should formulate effective and practical measures decisively, such as an annual review of the minimum wage policy and the amount of social security allowances," she said. 1
3. "She is entitled to her personal allowance which is three thousand pounds of income."— 'Yes. but she doesn't earn any money.'. 1
4. A certain amount of your pension or allowance is yours to buy personal items like clothes, shoes and toiletries. 1
5. A company doing business overseas may not have made proper allowances for the high cost of inducing people to work overseas. 1
6. A councillor may give written notice to his council that he wishes to receive a financial loss allowance instead of an attendance allowance. 2
7. A debit balance account which is offset against revenue in the revenue section of the income Statement. Examples include sales Discounts and Sales returns and Allowances. 0
8. A family man's earnings rose 5% in real terms after deducting income tax, insurance, child allowances, etc. 1
9. A financial loss allowance is not taxable as income. 1
10. A glass of orange juice provides the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. 1
11. A large boost to their independent solvency has been the Friday night allowance. 1
12. A manager with a hefty budget supplied entirely by the legislature will act much like a teenager with a hefty allowance. 1
13. A parental allowance introduced in 2007 by then Federal Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen, pays parents on child-care leave 67 percent of their take-home income for up to 14 months. 1
14. a per diem allowance. 1
15. A section at the end looks at relocation allowances offered to new recruits who have to move to take up an appointment. 1
16. A solicitor can interpret the law for you and help you take advantage of your full legal entitlement to reliefs and allowances. 1
17. A solicitor will advise on the different reliefs and allowances which may be available. 1
18. A training allowance and travelling expenses for the 16 weeks of the programme. 1
19. About four in 10 companies provide rented accommodation but only a fifth provide a housing allowance. 1
20. About one thousand RMB, including overtime allowance. 1
21. Accounting system of China's enterprises, enterprises can only account for bad debt allowance for loss method. 1
22. Accounting system of China's enterprises,(This website/bad debt.html) enterprises can only account for bad debt allowance for loss method. 1
23. Additional allowance for the press and surge of water should be allowed if only for mental health. 1
24. Administer employee compensation, benefit, allowance, insurance, pension and savings plans, working with insurance brokers and plan carriers. 1
25. After getting the labor insurance, the employee will get relevant legal rights, except that, the employee should not ask additional allowance from the company. 1
26. All pensions should be at or above subsistence level. Retired workers should not have to go cap in hand to ask for supplementary allowances. 1
27. All per diems paid to business owners are wages unless the owners have receipts to cover the per diem allowance. 1
28. All study practices were in relatively prosperous areas: none was in receipt of a deprivation allowance. 1
29. All the calculation values fall under the allowance range of the international water vapor skeleton table published in 1985. 1
30. All the teachers in 1987 who were entitled to an allowance received one. 1

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