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1. 'When our equity allocation rises, it will go to emerging markets,' says J. Michael Martin, chief investment officer at Financial Advantage in Columbia, Md. 1
2. "Broker-dealers were very reliant on short-dated funding," said Jan Loeys, head of global asset allocation at JP Morgan in London. 1
3. 50% of the fund will be available for allocation this year. 1
4. A bargaining-based grid resources allocation model was proposed in this paper, and the resource allocation policy was designed. 2
5. A careful treatment of sparse matrices results in significant savings of computational effort and memory allocation. 1
6. A computerized random-number generator was used to draw up an allocation schedule. 1
7. A decision-tree approach to solve resource allocation problem is presented for multi-targets, under radar illuminator scheduling solutions are constrained to naval formation anti-air battle. 1
8. A grid resource allocation algorithm is designed based on the distilled resource allocation model. 2
9. A loss allocation method based on cross interaction matrix is presented in this paper and allocation results reflect interaction of bilateral transactions. 2
10. A lot of unfair related party transaction distort the resource allocation function of the capital market and mislead the investors. 1
11. A lot of unfair related party transactions distort the resource allocation function of the capital market and mislead the investors. 1
12. A method to allocation of transmission loss is obtained, based on the N-person cooperative game theory. 1
13. A multicell adaptive resource allocation(MARA cellular system. 0
14. A new accord between the Federal Reserve and Treasury should re-establish the Fed's independence and accountability so that it is not called upon to monetize the debt or engage in credit allocation. 1
15. A pluralistic system of financial sources of ECF should be created with the budgetary allocation as its fundamental fund source. 1
16. A shipping note is issued by the shipper to the carrier requesting allocation of shipping space. 1
17. A system task that handles system initialization, allocation of time-shared regions, swapping, and general control of the time-sharing operation. 1
18. A task allocation and scheduling algorithm called Dynamic Dual - Directional Priority ( DDDP ) was presented. 1
19. A third way of considering expenditure distribution is via the allocation given to specific patient or client groups. 1
20. A tradeoff definition with minimum rate requirements is introduced and optimal power allocation strategy is addressed for MIMO fading multi-access channels. 1
21. A utility function - based resource allocation arithmetic was presented. 1
22. A well managed, transparent system for allocation of funds to university scientists on a competitive and peer-reviewed basis would greatly advance biomedical science in China, it says. 1
23. Abstract: The paper proposed a new method of tolerance allocation. 1
24. Access to housing Most housing departments failed to integrate disabled people into their allocation policies. 1
25. Accommodation will be confirmed on your Booking allocation. 1
26. According to the conditions of optimizing the allocation of resources , it will achieve the social optimal level of pollution control when the marginal income equals to the marginal cost. 1
27. According to the criterion of proportional fairness, MC - PFS searches subcarrier allocation scheme on basis of GA. 1
28. According to the effect that quay cranes allocation has on ship container handling time, an algorithm of assigning quay cranes and ship containers handling time based on rules was developed. 1
29. According to the theory of project ownership allocation, RA is the premise and basis of benefit-sharing and the return of risk bearer should match its residual claim right of project. 1
30. According to the uncertainty of target condition, a resource allocation plan based on information entropy control is brought forward. 1

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