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1. “We actually discussed this variant of events while we were first forming our comradely alliance,” proclaimed Mr Medvedev. 1
2. “We actually discussed this variant of events while we were first forming our comradely alliance(This website/proclaimed.html),” proclaimed Mr Medvedev. 0
3. 'We are disappointed that the deal with Tengzhong could not be completed,' said John Smith, GM vice-president of corporate planning and alliances. 1
4. "I believe China must have a hand in the alliance's decision, " commented a Burma watcher from Thailand. 0
5. "I think more than anything, adults are a little fearful of children's play, " said Joan Almon, executive director of the alliance for Childhood, a nonprofit pro-play group. 1
6. "If fully rolled out in GAVI-eligible countries, the pneumococcal vaccine could save the lives of more than 440, 000 children by 2015, " said Dr. Julian Lob-Levyt, CEO of the GAVI alliance. 1
7. "There are doubts, however, as to how this alliance will work, " according to the author of this Insight, Kevin Mak, industry analyst for the Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics Service. 1
8. "We thought it was achievable—it's not a stunningly ambitious target, " said Ann Keeling, chair of the NCD alliance. 1
9. A chain can only be as strong as its weakest link, so we must look at the least committed country to see if the alliance will hold.This website 1
10. A concert party simply describes an alliance between two or more investors. 1
11. A divination to forewarn Cleopatra against an alliance with Julius Caesar. 1
12. A few defy credibility: alliance invited for innocent, beautiful, charming, compassionate, sober, soft-spoken and good natured divorcee. 1
13. A further provision would have the effect of banning electoral alliances and coalitions. 1
14. A hardline Islamist alliance controls much of southern and central Somalia. 1
15. A lion and a wild ass entered into an alliance that they might capture the beasts of the forest with the greater ease (1). 1
16. A motor car was parked in the alleyway about three metres from the bakery door and alongside the alliance building end wall. 1
17. A posting on the Alliance's website claims that the agreement would create a monopoly in digital books that would inevitably lead to fewer choices and higher prices for consumers. 0
18. A spokesman for Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma, who is among the heads of state representing the West African alliance, said Gbagbo's exit is non-negotiable. 1
19. A strategic alliance is a formal, long-term agreement between firms to combine their capabilities and resources to accomplish global objectives without joint ownership. 1
20. A strategic alliance may take the form of an outright acquisition, minority stake, joint venture or brand franchise. 1
21. A third alliance with a still unidentified company next month should give it a leg up on high-performance transaction processing and multi-processing. 1
22. A third army under the command of consul Tiberius Coruncanius marched against Etruscans, to avoid an alliance between them and Pyrrhus. 1
23. A western military adviser, also based in Pakistan, said a Pakistani Taliban alliance would cement the grip of the militants over Waziristan.This website 1
24. A worried easterner describes the alliance as "like an 18th-century Polish parliament, hostage to its most irresponsible member". 1
25. According to preliminary results, the alliance, Mr Reinfeldt's four-party centre-right coalition, won marginally under 50% of the vote, and will take 172 of the 349 seats. 1
26. According to the UNFC constitution, a member organization's top leader can only be in the political leading body, not being able to devote full time to the duties in the alliance. 1
27. Adenike Grange, Nigeria's minister of health and a former director of the Global alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI. 1
28. Adolf Hitler failed with his blitzkrieg to defeat the western alliance. 1
29. ADPC also is now affiliated with National Safety alliance Inc. (NSA), a Nashville-based drug policy management group. 1
30. ADPC also is now affiliated with National Safety alliance NSA , a Nashville - based drug policy management group. 1

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