Allegiance Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A credible source says the head of the gendarmerie, Edouard Kassarate, has gone over to the Ouattara side, with the military police en masse pledging allegiance to Mr Ouattara. 1
2. A degenerate culture of the gun is seen to embrace all the lost young men in the bush, whatever their allegiances. 1
3. A number of communes were independent of any seigneur, and owed allegiance to the Crown alone. 1
4. Abel: Do you swear allegiance to the prince of darkness? 1
5. After getting burned once or twice for failing to cover some base, they develop a fool-proof routine to prevent that from happening again, then swear their eternal allegiance to it. 1
6. Again, a substantial withdrawal of allegiance from Aethelred must have occurred. 1
7. Alix continued to attend such things, in unbroken allegiance to her upbringing. 1
8. All serfs owed allegiance to a lord. 1
9. All those present swore allegiance to Aenarion. 1
10. Although activists take on global economic and political issues, their affiliations, allegiances and loyalties are bound up in local communities. 1
11. And in 1911, three years after her death, revolutionaries owing allegiance to him overthrew both the Qing dynasty and the age-old system of imperial rule. 1
12. And West Ham was not the only predominantly working-class area that gave rise to a political authority seemingly remote from popular allegiance. 1
13. Any prisoner who will take the oath of allegiance and enlist for Indian service for two years will be released and sent West. Mr. Wilkes refused. 1
14. Anything is possible, because the political allegiance of Jennifer and her ilk is up for grabs. 1
15. Around my area, 50,000 men follow freemasonry and each has sworn to give his utmost allegiance to the Craft. 4. 1
16. As an Englishman who'd lived for a long time in France, he felt a certain conflict of allegiances when the two countries played soccer. 1
17. Barons had to swear an oath of allegiance to the king. 1
18. Behind the scenes, news producers and writers also switched allegiances and jobs. 1
19. But it is not only Marxists who argue that bureaucracies may owe their primary allegiance to a particular class. 1
20. But these historical markers belie a dramatic shift in allegiance in this Caribbean island, which only gained independence from Britain 31 years ago. 1
21. But they adopted it in the first place because Labour's lurch to the left drove them away from their old allegiance. 1
22. Catholicism claims allegiance from more than 80% of the population. 1
23. Ceremonial acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law. 1
24. Country-wide, a total of 22 political parties are competing for the voters' allegiance. 1
25. Critics of the charter had reportedly expressed fears that the opposition's allegiance to the monarchy would reduce pressure for further democratization. 1
26. Did they tease him about his obedience to his parents, his purity, his allegiance to the holy book? 1
27. Does a state law that requires the daily recitation of the Pledge of allegiance violate the establishment clause? 1
28. Due to his allegiance to King Marke, he escorted Isolde back to Cornwall to be betrothed to King Marke. 1
29. Every day the schoolchildren pledge an oath of allegiance to their country. 1
30. FBI demands its employees absolute allegiance to this bureau. 1

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