Air Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use air, so you can learn how to use air in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word air here, and see the words sound like or similar to air

# Sentence Times
1. “But for now, I’d love to work in an air-conditioned office,” he said. 0
2. “He smelled the air and is making a move,” says one demographer. 1
3. ' And yet another suggested 'she had swapped outfits with an air hostess on board' likening the outfit to a Sixties air hostess get-up. 2
4. 'And it would go! ' said Captain Cuttle, making a species of serpent in the air with his hook. 'Lord, how that clock would go! ' 1
5. 'Carnage at Airport ', screamed the tabloid headline. 0
6. 'I don't really care,' he replied airily. 1
7. 'I'll pay your air fare.' 'Okay, that clinches it-I'll come with you.' 1
8. 'Oh, by the way ...' she started, with a false air of nonchalance. 1
9. 'There's nothing wrong with him,' she said airily. 1
10. 'There's something wonderfully calming about playing bocce 53 stories in the air, ' Mr. Ewton said. 1
11. " air shower " government whether explicit order forbid development actually, but actually got the government's silent approvement, support in the dark . 1
12. " Am I good enough to put on airs?'said Miss Tang. 1
13. " I don't care, " he said airily. 1
14. " I've got to go,'she said, moving away from him airily. 1
15. " In addition to "Carl Vinson" aircraft carrier battle group also includes "Bunker Hill" cruiser, "Stockdale" destroyer, "Gridley" destroyer and 17 carrier aircraft wing. 2
16. " Oh, I managed, " he said, airily. 1
17. " The birth pangs of a new Middle East, " claimed Condoleezza Pollyanna Rice last week as Hizbullah's rockets slammed into Israel and Israel's aircraft pulverised Lebanon. 1
18. " What is it?'she asked , assuming a cool air. 1
19. " Work, and how the fuel pressure regulator, and how to work the fuel pump relay, air flow sensor collective work, and "how" the throttle position sensors, and so on. 1
20. "AN ABSOLUTE dog's breakfast" is how David Collins describes the standard of fan blades in air-conditioning systems. 0
21. "Beijing's weather has been dominated by high pressure, which means sinking air and dry days. This weather pattern aggravates their air quality problem, " Ramos said. 2
22. "Boom" is heard, the air exploded a blossoming "Butterfly orchid", real great. 1
23. "But where could they have gone?" he demanded. "They can't just vanish into thin air!". 0
24. "Consistency is the biggest challenge for a chef anywhere, " says Chef Trento, "And it's no different in the air. 1
25. "Everybody says I get nul points on air quality," Mr Johnson said. 1
26. "He can do what he likes - it doesn't bother me, " she said airily. 1
27. "I am drinking, " replied the tippler, with a lugubrious air. 1
28. "I do like to wet down a sale, " the fat man said happily, raising his voice above the sighing of the air conditioner. 1
29. "I don't care - you choose, " he said, with an airy wave of the hand. 1
30. "I don't really care," he said airily. 1






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