Agitate Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use agitate, so you can learn how to use agitate in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word agitate here, and see the words sound like or similar to agitate

# Sentence Times
1. " Where's she waiting for me? " he asked agitatedly. 1
2. A cement mixer agitates the cement until it is ready to pour. 1
3. A new process for removing the residual monomer from polychloroprene latex in a vaccum agitated horizontal vessel was studied. 1
4. After he is given a sleeping medication on the evening of admission, the nurse finds him confused and agitated. 1
5. After the first few sentences he became bewildered, agitated, thunder-struck. 1
6. Air Agitated Heated Lucite Hull Cell, 267 ml. 0
7. All you need to do is gently agitate the water with a finger or paintbrush. 1
8. Amanda was getting visibly agitated. 1
9. An agitated businessman at the other end of the line complained that a water pipe was leaking in his hotel room. 1
10. And her agitated hand waved to them from a chaise window, and she was gone. 1
11. And then, later on in the evening, he began to get agitated as the presentation neared. 1
12. Anti - thrall leaders agitated the question of thrall for many years. 1
13. As a young man, he had agitated against the Vietnam war. 1
14. As a young man,(This website/agitated.html) he had agitated against the Vietnam war. 1
15. As compared with Shear Type KR Vessel , FWACTV raises the efficiency of agitated mixing. 1
16. As soon as Oufkir appeared, Ben Barka realised his number was up and became extremely agitated. 1
17. As soon as Oufkir appeared,(This website/realised.html) Ben Barka realised his number was up and became extremely agitated. 1
18. At the brink of 400ft sandstone cliffs, tussocky clumps of sea pinks quivered as the waves agitated below. 1
19. Baby's disposition or the behavior may have the change, if the fall in the blues, is despondent and is restless, some are agitated testiness . 1
20. Because he's very easily agitated at work. 1
21. Because nervous, fuggy , be agitated and make extensive of pieces of whole face red this kind of case is more clear and quicken grease to secrete, form whelk more easily. 1
22. But around it, the group of men was smartly clad, verbose and seriously agitated. 1
23. By now he was in a very agitated state. 1
24. Calm down! Don't get so agitated. 1
25. Ceremonial and precedence notably lost most of the power to agitate rulers and governments which they had hitherto possessed. 1
26. Child bedroom wall cannot paste is too beautiful spruce wallpaper, lest discomposure, be agitated. 1
27. Cohan Mansfield agitated behavior checklist and Clinical Global Impression ( CGI ) were used to assess the curative effect. 1
28. Confused and agitated, he pressed the call button. 1
29. David O'Neill, a consultant physician, said that Mr Robinson had been in an agitated and delirious state. 1
30. Degreeof agitation is a optimization factor which shall both agitate the solution and reduce energy losing and equipment abrading. 1

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