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# Sentence Times
1. “We all have a very, very brief time on this earth, and the measure of a man is how he leaves the world after he's been here, and I can tell you Blair River was my friend,” Basso said. 1
2. (It's amazing how quickly my one-year-old son stops crying after I kiss the spot where he's bumped his head). 1
3. ' Certainly, when Pausanias toured Greece about a century after Plutarch, he found Pan's shrines, sacred caves and sacred mountains still very much frequented. 1
4. ' What a mess!' she said, surveying the scene after the party. 1
5. 'A despatch sent after you from over yonder. 1
6. 'All hands aboard by four this afternoon,'shouted the squire, after him. 2
7. 'Are you coming or not?' they yelled out after him. 1
8. 'Changjiang No. 3' is a asparagus bean crossed by Zhijiang 28 - 2 and Zhijiaqing variety using pedigree method after 8 - generation selection. 1
9. 'Come back!' he called after me. 1
10. 'Doctors warned that in the first few days after surgery there was a high risk that I could go into premature labour or miscarry. At 22 weeks, Theo's chances of survival would have been tiny. 1
11. 'Good luck,' she called after me as I left. 1
12. 'He's bound to feel shaken after his accident.' 'Quite.' 1
13. 'John Barsad ,'repeated madame, after murmuring it once to herself. 1
14. 'Look after', 'work out' and 'make up for' are all phrasal verbs. 0
15. 'Opium smokers under cure:Chaochowfoo. ' This photograph probably dates from just after the Anti-Opium Edict of 1906 when many addicts came to mission hospitals seeking a cure to their addiction. 1
16. 'served him right,' said Drouet afterward, even in view of her keen expiation of her error. 1
17. 'She remembered my name after all those years.' 'Fancy that!' 1
18. 'She was here for a couple of weeks and we thought she'd settled in, but soon afterwards Jessie disappeared', her owner Sheree Gale, 31, told Northern Territory News. 1
19. 'she's after discharging our overseer and stayed home to go over the accounts with him. 1
20. 'so I can get the cast net and go after the sardines. 1
21. 'The pilot did a super job,' a passenger said afterwards. 1
22. 'This is a shot for RIM to be number three' in smartphones after Google and Apple, says Shaw Wu, an analyst at Sterne Agee. 1
23. 'Well , it ain't much use, after all,'said the young seaman. 1
24. 'What ,'said Mr. Cruncher, varying his apostrophe after missing his mark --'what are you , up to, Aggerawayter?' 1
25. 'Why , I ain't sich an infernal lubber, after all. 1
26. 'You brainless scum!' he shouted after the departing boys. 1
27. " A brand specialty, construction of hospital" is the Xiangtan oi staff diligently strive after target. 1
28. " after that, "the Homebound Fishermen, " the background music in various cities broadcast the weather conditions one by one, user-friendly, why in detail. 1
29. " after winning the U.S.Open doubles title with her sister Venus, Serena reiterated her apology and offered to give the line judge "a big ol' hug. 1
30. " asked Meg one snowy afternoon, as her sister came tramping through the hall, in rubber boots, old sack, and hood, with a broom in one hand and a shovel in the other. 1

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