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# Sentence Times
1. A board to which is affixed the circuitry of a microprocessor. 1
2. A label must be affixed to all parcels. 1
3. A round seal affixed to a papal bull. 1
4. All carpets floor covering must be affixed with double - sided tapes. 1
5. And then not answer, then affixed to the sea to South Korea high subsonic flight. 1
6. Arc lights affixed to a low equipment building throw harsh shadows across her face. 1
7. Article 7 Before the Invitation to Bid is released, it shall be affixed by an official seal and it will also carrying the signature of the person-in- charge of the tenderee or his agent. 1
8. As with Hakone marquetry, cherry-bark goods involve the decorative veneer of the bark being affixed to different base woods. 1
9. Changsha dialect is rich in stative adjectives, which are formed with reduplicative elements, with affixed elements, or with four characters. 1
10. H . One original Equipment Acceptance Certificate signed and affixed by the End - user and the Seller. 1
11. Have we become the Huxleyan mob irretrievably affixed to the tube and addicted to its terror and its trivia? 1
12. He affixed his name to the letter. 1
13. He affixed his seal to the document. 1
14. He affixed his signature to the document. 1
15. He affixed the postcard to the wall a thumbtack and then and continued translating Richthofen's China. 1
16. He affixed the sign to the wall. 1
17. He also affixed them to mirrors, which gave a different dimension to his work. 1
18. He purchased a stamp from the counter clerk, licked it and affixed it to the envelope. 1
19. He was eventually killed by a British naval force, and his head, with its great black beard, was affixed to the end of his bowsprit. 1
20. I covered the scroll in sealing wax, and affixed a red ribbon. 1
21. I have long . affixed Curtain With a lighthearted mood to Waipojia. 1
22. If the name "Joyce Carol Oates" affixed to her own books can't sell these books, how can the name "Joyce Carol Oates" affixed to another's book help to sell that book? 2
23. In acknowledgement whereof I have hereunto affixed my signature. 1
24. In addition, anti-thrombotic agents may be affixed to at least a portion of the surfaces of the medical device for the prevention of sub-acute thrombosis. 1
25. In architecture, can be used to do color overlay affixed. 1
26. It may only be affixed in accordance with the Articles of Association. 1
27. Joseph Marie Jacquard created a device which could be affixed to looms, which used a pattern of holes, much like early computer punched cards, to direct the textile design. 1
28. Love the product label affixed to Haagen Dazs has become an intelligence people's feelings and love Token witnesses. 1
29. Marianne's pianoforte was unpacked and properly disposed of; and Elinor's drawings were affixed to the walls of their sitting room. 1
30. Marquetry :Decorative work in which thin pieces of wood, metal, or organic material, such as shell or mother-of-pearl, are affixed in intricate patterns to the flat surfaces of furniture. 1

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