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# Sentence Times
1. A few burden are like walnut flesh, longan to wait, a large number of affiliation fill in creaming , fill inside the canister of equate bulk instead cream the quantity decreases. 1
2. A legitimist association, the Chevaliers of Fidelity, stirred about among these the republican affiliations. 1
3. A Nomura spokeswoman declined to disclose Mr. Toda's political affiliation. 1
4. A slightly different format for group affiliation exists in single industry organizations that dominate many of the sectors producing consumer goods. 1
5. A social group having a common affiliation to such an object. 1
6. A typical campaign consists of politicians repeatedly shouting their name, party affiliation, and other slogans through loudspeakers. 1
7. Although activists take on global economic and political issues, their affiliations, allegiances and loyalties are bound up in local communities. 1
8. Article 29 A disaffiliated member may apply for affiliation again pursuant to Article 14. 1
9. As a affiliation in concept, hierarchy comprehended form category. 1
10. At first, dingdong or very those who abide by acceptance make money on time, but be as high as 30 as affiliation person many when. 1
11. At the same time the executive resisted a renewed attempt by sympathisers for the affiliation of the Communist Party. 1
12. Bush's affiliation with the team raised his profile in Texas. 1
13. But hypersensitivity about colour or religious affiliation can be counterproductive. 1
14. But there is no sign of any affiliation with Labor Party. 1
15. But this might allow them to be retained, when other class affiliations are lost. 1
16. Can political affiliation be considered in the hiring of teachers? 1
17. CMU College of Pharmacy establishes academic affiliation agreement with The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy. 1
18. Corrections: An earlier version of this post misidentified the affiliation of Dr. Fuss and Dr. Gass; they are with the Central institute of Mental Health Mannheim and the University of Heidelberg. 1
19. Did your son have an affiliation with the tangle wo boys? 1
20. Does he have religious affiliation and whatnot? 1
21. Edibility method:At edibility affiliation this condiment, can make fry the vegetables, infused in boiling the soup, stew meat the much more fresh, nourishment plentifulness . 1
22. Extraverts tend to possess skills such as sociability, talkativeness, and a high interest in affiliation. 1
23. He had been detained without trial because of his political affiliation. 1
24. He was arrested because of his political affiliation. 1
25. Health care is switching from a cottage industry of small hospitals to major affiliations in a huge health-care system. 1
26. His wife's affiliation to the best people brought him a good many of those patients. 1
27. History is against the challengers, and not because of party affiliation. 1
28. In Britain, their insignificance was overcome by the long agitation for affiliation to the Labour Party. 1
29. In principle therefore payment of an affiliation Fee would be an overt recognition of this vital link and mutual benefit. 5. 1
30. Increasing fresh blood national affiliation, carry to road also produced new requirement. 1





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