Affection Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use affection, so you can learn how to use affection in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word affection here, and see the words sound like or similar to affection

# Sentence Times
1. " All right, dear,'she said, giving him an affectionate peck on the cheek. 1
2. " I'll try,'said Carrie, brimming with affection and enthusiasm. 1
3. " Now, " he said affectionately, " you're all right. " 1
4. A bustling, affectionate, urgent, eruptive, enterprising character. 1
5. A few months on in their friendship Nigel began to be sick of the hints of affection dropped by Eleanor. 1
6. A horse's natural desire for affection can be extended and enlarged. 1
7. A jaunty and likeable character , Sammy was held in genuine affection by team - mates and supporters alike. 1
8. A packed Hall of graduates and undergraduates gave Baroness Park an affectionate standing ovation at the end of her after dinner speech. 1
9. A puppy is naturally affectionate and excitable. 1
10. A rush of pure affection swept over him. 1
11. A senior official in the Palestinian Fatah affection faction is said to be among the dead. 1
12. A shower of thoroughBred horses; a shower of great affection. 1
13. A small bus with an extension tube like a stubby elephant trunk was now nuzzling affectionately up against the spacecraft. 1
14. A young couple was walking along a beach, swinging hands and discussing their mutual affection with gooey falseness . 1
15. Absolute, broken by and spasmodic, and, as in extrapyramidal affections , salivation and excessive sweating. 1
16. Acceptance, shown by affection, can counteract those feelings. 1
17. According to the measured results, it discussed the affection of resisting force of mine, lifting load and the mass changing of steel-wire rope. 1
18. Accused of leading the conspiracy to murder Nasrudin over the affections of a young golf caddie, the high-flying KPK chairman is facing a very long time in jail. 1
19. Ace had a prior claim on the Doctor's affections. 1
20. Adding to the strangeness, there were Russians among them: big, blond men who danced, and affectionate young women kissing their Turcoman friends. 1
21. Adieu, my dear friend, and believe me ever yours very sincerely and with unalterable affection. 1
22. Adorned with a festive collection of colorful pressed flowers and a heartwarming verse, this is a sweetly sentimental way to express your affection! Paraffin wax. 60 hour burning time. 0
23. Aesthetic is a meta-utility or non-utility relation between people and reality, the aim of which is making people gain affectional enjoyment and spiritous delight. 1
24. Affection is life prop up, when justice and affection crisscross, how should choose again? 1
25. Africa has always had a special place in my affections. 1
26. Ainge has squashed numerous trade rumors surrounding Rondo and expressed strong affection for him Tuesday. 1
27. Alice squeezed my arm affectionately,(Sentencedict) and said goodbye. 1
28. All Giles had wanted in return for the small gifts he showered on her was affection. 1
29. All that toughness is just a cover for his inability to show affection. 1
30. Allusive sex depends on affection tendency of the patient, if have affection tendentiousness to some thing or some individual, get a suggestion easily. 2

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