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1. 'Although the fact that Henry and Catherine of Aragon's first born did not survive is somewhat atypical, it is possible that some cases of Kell sensitisation affect even the first pregnancy.' 1
2. 'Research has shown female hormonal cycles can affect dreams, ' says Davina Mackail, author of The Dream Whisperer. 1
3. 'We've got one that protects mice from an infection called listeriosis that causes vomiting and nausea and can affect pregnant women. 1
4. " All right, dear,'she said, giving him an affectionate peck on the cheek. 1
5. " Good morning,'she cried , in her sweet, affected drawl, " Isn't it cold? " 1
6. " I'll try,'said Carrie, brimming with affection and enthusiasm. 1
7. " Now, " he said affectionately, " you're all right. " 1
8. " Oh, yes,'said Drouet, now affecting not to see. " Who is he? ". 1
9. "Anyway, it won't affect me because I'm leaving, " she said lightly. 1
10. "Bad body odour will affect fellow colleagues in the narrow confines of a space shuttle, " he said. 1
11. "Chilies don't sting(3) me. They don't affect me. It's just like eating fruit, " Quiroz said at a market in the Mexican capital. 1
12. "Crops are the first level in the food chain, " he told SciDev.Net. "When people make it uneatable to certain insects, we need to understand how it might affect the whole ecosystem." 1
13. "Difficulty"and "costliness" in seeing a doctor are two major problems which are hindering the construction of harmonious society and affecting peoples health. 1
14. "Early-life environments can affect if you are a snorer or not later in life, " Karl Franklin, MD, PhD, the study's lead author and a physician at University Hospital in Umea, Sweden. 1
15. "I guess this thing's got to come to an end, " he said, affecting an air of concern. 1
16. "I have a neuroanatomic lesion affecting my reticular activating system, " Haywire replies. 1
17. "I wanted to stay but the world crisis affected my decision, " he said. "I knew I'd only leave Milan to play for Real." 1
18. "In many cases, the affected sites had been spamming for a long time," Mr. Cutts adds. 1
19. "Seagrass meadows are negatively affected by impacts accruing from the billion or more people who live within 50 km (30 miles) of them, " said the report received by Reuters on Tuesday. 1
20. "The Only way that the Fed can affect the level of borrowed reserves is by adjusting the discount rate. " Is this statement true, false, or uncertain? Explain your answer. 1
21. "There's definitely a disinhibition affect online," he said, with people more likely to exaggerate their good points while hiding anything negative. 1
22. "This dam was really a stupid mistake, " says An Qingyuan, a former Communist party boss of Shaanxi province, the region most directly affected by the project and its aftermath. 1
23. "Uncertainty regarding interventionism could affect prices in coming months," they wrote of the election risks. 1
24. "Unless these programmes are drawn up in consultation with the affected and mainstreamed into national planning, efforts to bring them to the people will never succeed," he said. 1
25. "We find that BMI affects wages negatively in Europe, and that the size of this effect is larger for males than for females," said Giorgio Brunello, an economist at the University of Padova in Italy. 1
26. 1.A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. 1
27. A 31-year-old primigravida presented to us with intractable low abdominal pain arose from uterine fibroids for 7 days that affected her daily life at 13 weeks of pregnancy. 1
28. A Antibiotics in your system can affect a permanent wave, giving poor or no results at all. 1
29. A bad home environment can affect a child's healthy growth. 1
30. A bank failure affects just one bank. 1

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