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# Sentence Times
1. And under the aegis of the Duke, a powerful protector, Strayhorn was able to live an openly gay life. 1
2. But as said earlier, we will keep it simple as our larger objective is to customize the Web service message parts using aegis binding. 1
3. Figures like Martin Luther and John Calvin recognized marriage as a civil matter, a worldly affair, and not under the aegis of the church. 1
4. Germany came back under the aegis of a new National Olympic Committee (NOC. East German had also created a new NOC but did not send any athletes. 1
5. He against the police officer under the aegis the law. 1
6. He gave evidence against the police officer under the aegis the law. 1
7. He was instrumental in landing the $ 23 billion aegis destroyer program for the shipyard in Bath, Maine, last year. 1
8. His breastplate was the aegis, awful to behold; his bird was the eagle, his tree the oak. 1
9. It came under the aegis of the UGC in the 1996 - 97 academic year. 1
10. It was agreed that I would go with them under the aegis of Bhopal ji who immediately understood photographic requirements. 1
11. Keluotuo these pieces of clothing to come, let aegis type sent to Nova. 1
12. Kill Atreus, my son Aegisthus, and this time do not falter! 0
13. Medical supplies are being flown in under the aegis of the Red Cross. 1
14. Medical supplies are being sent under the aegis of the Red Cross. 1
15. Minerva depicted herself with helmed head, her aegis covering her breast. 1
16. More often than not, racial themes enter the conversation of the YCs under the aegis of fun. 1
17. Must Aegisth tote a live snake for us to realize that lust was the motivation for the murder of Agamemnon? 0
18. Now, the Pentagon may cast aegis ships as part of a ballistic missile defense network favored by Cohen. 1
19. On reaching manhood, Orestes avenged his father by killing Aegisthus and Clytemnestra. 0
20. She went to Sheffield University as a lecturer, under the aegis of Boris Ford. 1
21. Simulation experiments are used to verify the validity of aegis. 1
22. The aegis of behalf of inferior dormant partner is stand out along with the development of community economy and the innovate of company system. 1
23. The glint computer radiates , and become in the face a clear dry, well ventilated aegis layer. 1
24. The project was set up under the aegis of the university. 1
25. The refugee camp operates under the aegis of the UN. 1
26. The space programme will continue under the aegis of the armed forces. 1
27. The U.S. Navy conducted media tours Friday of its U.S.S. Chafee aegis Destroyer, docked in South Korea as part of an annual joint military drill with the South's forces. 1
28. The wife of Agamemnon who, with the assistance of her lover Aegisthus, murdered him on his return from the Trojan War and was later murdered by her son Orestes. 0
29. Through the use of automation and unique information management, Zumwalt's undersea warfare combat system can be operated by one-third the crew of current Aegis-class anti-submarine warfare platforms. 0
30. Thus the relinquishing of violence can only be achieved as part of work on ourselves under the aegis of Esotericism. 1

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