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# Sentence Times
1. 'Did you really win first prize?' he said with a flash of genuine admiration. 1
2. "Mutual admiration best describes the father and son team on the Hoagy Carmichael classic, "Stardust. 1
3. A common , but low exclamation of surprise and admiration escaped every mouth. 1
4. A difference between expressing admiration and giving credit is clear when we admire behavior which admiration will not affect. 2
5. A good pair of fists earned the total admiration of street kids anywhere. 1
6. A mixture of envy and admiration once led fishermen to try to harness the heron's gifts. 1
7. A Women's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment. Jane Austen  1
8. After the routine admiration of children, garden, and so on, they began to chat about the office. 1
9. All the admiration Eric had had for his father was shaken by what he found back East. 1
10. All this, effected in an open whaleboat on a great ocean, may well fill us with admiration for the courage and skill of the young surgeon. 1
11. And Adimov seemed to look for admiration from Holly when he told his story. 1
12. And as for admiration in the sense of wonderment, the behavior we admire is the behavior we can not yet explain. 1
13. And look at her ... turning soft with admiration for a man who cared for nothing but his ambition. 1
14. And there was great admiration for Livingstone's transparent honesty, self-effacing modesty and determination to stick to his guns. 1
15. Apart from the extending mountain ranges and the breathtaking beauty of nature, what does Swiss Confederation possess that commands admiration? 1
16. As a teacher, she had earned the respect and admiration of her students. 1
17. As a writer she is certainly worthy of admiration. 1
18. As an Asian nation competing with the Western powers, Japan inspired admiration, but also consternation for its colonization of Asia, said Sugata Bose, a historian of South Asia at Harvard. 1
19. As I contemplate the achievements of Hong Kong University, I am filled with deep admiration and also, it has to be admitted, with wistfulness. 1
20. As Mugezi struggles to survive the parental dictatorship, he finds his admiration for Amin swelling by the day. 1
21. At age 35, Lewis delivered a performance that should have had every athlete shaking his or her head in admiration. 1
22. Beneath this long, arched drain which terminated at the Arche-Marion, a perfectly preserved rag-picker's basket excited the admiration of all connoisseurs. 1
23. Benitez has long admitted his admiration for Atletico, having started his coaching at Real Madrid's youth teams, but often spoken on his fondness for their cross-town rivals. 1
24. Bertha felt a little ashamed that she had a sneaking admiration for the statues in question. 1
25. Bodhi tree, "the Vatican" as "Mr. Tree" by devout Buddhists as a sacred tree, great admiration. Legend of Buddha Sakyamuni is under the bodhi tree Xiucheng Zhengguo (Buddha). 1
26. But a news event about a real person can inspire public admiration, shock or utter dismay. 1
27. But all too often we conflate admiration and comparison. They're two completely different things. One is smart, the other debilitating. 1
28. But here again the gain in freedom from aversive stimulation may compensate for any loss of admiration. 1
29. But if your admiration went to Fowler, your hearts went out to Francis' brave First Division side. 1
30. But it was Mary whose bold appearance drew the breath and the admiration of all of them. 1

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