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1. "By helping people remain resilient, we can help promote the overall recovery of our nation," SAMHSA Acting administrator Eric Broderick said in a statement. 1
2. "Financially it was a tense time, " recalls Jim, 53, who's now a nursing-home administrator. 1
3. "Fortunately, depression responds very well to early intervention and treatment," SAMHSA administrator Terry Cline said in a statement. 1
4. "The government must give autonomy to universities," he says, "and the university administrators who control resource distribution must not suppress academics. 1
5. A certificate or degree in this field can be part of your training as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse, long-term care administrator, or nursing administrator. 2
6. A drop in enrollment will affect students, faculty, and administrators. 1
7. A family doctor needs good administrators and reception staff. 1
8. A few of the forums were being closely monitored by the administrators. 1
9. A growing number of middle school administrators seem to agree. 1
10. A hospital administrator has resigned over claims he lied to get the job. 1
11. A hospital or health maintenance organization (HMO) may have a staff of administrators who handle various aspects of these duties. 1
12. A interface is also provided for the administrator to control the call forwarding. 1
13. A large practice of 40 or 50 physicians may have a chief administrator and several assistants, each responsible for different areas. 1
14. A represented organization for rights and interests of medical record administrators. 1
15. A spokesman for the administrators would not comment on whether Mr Maxwell had answered the questions. 1
16. A static route is a route that is created manually by a network administrator, unless the administrator interferes, the static route won't be changed. 2
17. A study of hospital administrators found that it took individuals eighteen months before they felt comfortable in that far less demanding role. 1
18. A university consists of teachers, administrators and students. 1
19. Above all, he is a good administrator in picking able assistants and laborers. 1
20. Academia was dealt another blow by the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, when the Red Guards shut down all institutions of higher education and persecuted thousands of teachers and administrators. 1
21. Access Can an unauthorized user successfully access a control that only the administrators are authorized to use? 1
22. Accountants, personnel administrators, economists, data processing experts and statisticians are all experts in a specialised field of work. 1
23. Active Directory reporting and management software such as Javelina Software s ADToolkit makes many reports for administrators and is very easy to use. 1
24. Administrator Return Link : Administrators can now easily jump between the administrator tools and courses without having to re- login each time. 1
25. Adobe LiveCycle Form Manager: Provides a central repository for administrators to manage form publication and for end users to access enterprise forms via a Web-based portal. 1
26. Advanced: administrator of bribe Internet bar, in camera of Internet bar mount. 1
27. Again, the system administrators should be cautious of indexing confidential data and should segregate them with an application ID. 1
28. Agreement on the actions needed is beginning to emerge from these recent meetings of politicians, administrators and scientists. 1
29. All the school teachers and administrators, especially teachers who teach audiovisual lessons have an unshrinkable duty to perfect the educational techniques. 1
30. Allow site administrators to easily setup a modular and consistent site architecture. 1

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