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# Sentence Times
1. A combination of the system of adjudicatory committee and criminal procedures is characteristic of our country's criminal trials. 1
2. A team of Guinness World Records adjudicators put Magar's official height at 26.4 inches after taking final measurements early Thursday, and named him the new record-holder. 1
3. All must seek leave to appeal from the special adjudicator who is to be appointed by the Lord Chancellor. 1
4. Article 8 The time limit of the trial of a criminal case that is retried pursuant to the adjudicatory supervision procedure is 3 months. 1
5. Besides, this paper also gives an account of the present reform of our country's adjudicatory committee as well as its practical implications. 1
6. Bishop had known what was happening: the Guild of Adjudicators was famed and feared in equal measure amongst the Earth colonies. 0
7. Each band was identified only by a number, and they were marked by adjudicators sitting behind closed doors. 1
8. He is there to help resolve complaints and disputes, and to act within the existing law as an impartial adjudicator. 1
9. He is there to help resolve complaints and disputes,(sentence dictionary) and to act within the existing law as an impartial adjudicator. 1
10. He knew Bishop was lurking around somewhere, but the adjudicator presented no danger he couldn't anticipate. 1
11. Irrespective, of whether you have a right of appeal before an immigration adjudicator you still have the ability to ask the HSMP casework team to review an adverse decision. 1
12. It is a characteristic of both adjudicatory and regulatory bodies that they produce a binding determination of the issue before them. 1
13. No appeal will be accepted. The final decision of the Chief adjudicator will be final. 1
14. No appeals will be accepted. The decision of the Chief adjudicator shall be final. 1
15. No appeals will be accepted. The final decision of the Chief adjudicator will be final. 1
16. Privacy, relatively low costs, expert adjudicators, quick and relatively informal proceedings all make this form of determination quite attractive. 1
17. Second, to pay more attention to the neutrality of the adjudicatory agency. 1
18. She acted as adjudicator in the dispute. 1
19. So it is necessary for us to perfect the civil protest system in such respects as the guiding ideology, procedures of prosecutorial protest and adjudicatory supervision procedure. 1
20. Some questions asked adjudicators in one English Speaking Contest still run upon me very often. 1
21. The adjudicator has to decide impartially between the two parties. 1
22. The adjudicator have to decide impartially between the two parties. 1
23. The adjudicators praised the high standard of all the entries. 1
24. The Bill provides for the right to apply to and have papers considered by the adjudicator. 1
25. The establishment of adjudicatory apparatus and administrative offices of the maritime courts shall be decided by the Supreme People's Court. 1
26. The face of the adjudicator inExtremis seemed to be composed of flat green slabs. 1
27. The real bone of contention of the function of adjudicatory committee has always been the problem of whether it has the right to give a verdict, which will be the first step of its reform. 1
28. The state or political system is regarded as a neutral adjudicator in the competition for resources. 1
29. The three basic functions of modern criminal proceedings are accusation function, defense function and adjudicatory function. 1
30. There are no rules about the withdrawal of members of the adjudicatory committee in our country's three major procedure laws, which brings a lot of unfavorable influence to cases' fairness. 1




adjudicators (plural noun)

  - a person who adjudicates.


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