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# Sentence Times
1. A criterion is put forward to adjudge the degree of approach of the solar collector to a first order system. 1
2. After the efforts for more than one year, the founder of the Nuremburg adjudgement and the international military court made this adjudgement a milestone in the history of international l... 2
3. Among them, adjudgement, procuratorial work assists hillock 491 post of procuratorate judicatory police 9. 1
4. An Ape undertook to adjudge the matter between them. 1
5. As accounting issues are complex, forensic accounting system should be established to take from low efficiency caused by false adjudgement. 1
6. Bruce Edgar adjudged him unlucky, but his record was modest: 17 wickets at 52.11 and 248 runs at 15.50. 1
7. But in the contemporary era, Continental laws have formed the principle on the basis of the adjudged force, while Anglo-American laws take protection against double jeopardy as the basis of it. 1
8. Conclusion This study may be important for analysis of biological behaviour, selection of treatment menthods and adjudgement of prognosis in tumour. 1
9. Danish aborigines on September 28 2000 became the aboriginal European aborigines to adjudge by accepted election edgeher to accept the euro. 1
10. Fairbanks was adjudged the winner, a decision which has outraged a good few members of the boxing fraternity. 1
11. From a time ill-defined , I began to be scared of facing your adjudgement like eye expression. Is it because I am already tired inwardly, or because you have touched my heartstring ? 1
12. He knew the local man to be in his mid-forties, and he adjudged his companion a little over 30. 1
13. He was adjudged a terrorist. 1
14. He was adjudged guilty of the offence of obstruction. 1
15. He was adjudged the winner by 54 votes to 3. 1
16. He was adjudged to be guilty. 1
17. I think she was crying, but adjudged it vulgar to peer. 1
18. If an agreement can't be reached, the court will adjudge the property and the unpaid mortgage to the registered name. 1
19. Imbued with a bureaucratic aversion to nomadism and a Victorian relish for the Hindu caste system, they adjudged many Indian tribesmen, Pardhis included, to be preordained crooks. 1
20. In order to guarantee criminal witness to testify, make case receive equal adjudgement, we must perfect the legal status of the criminal witness in court on system. 1
21. It was adjudged wise to avoid war. 1
22. James Bond : I adjudge ending you would be a pleasure. 1
23. Moving statues adjudgement, character extraction and target classify methods of space targets based on RCS sequences are discussed in this paper. 1
24. Of this case adjudge also ring noisy alarm bell again to fictitious belongings malfeasant . 1
25. Part IV discusses the practice in the existing legal mechanisms of substance justice consummating formal justice in adjudgement in the common law and civil law system. 1
26. Penalty interposition should be taken when the tort of intellectual property is very serious and endanger the society and mere civil adjudgement and administrative disposal are not enough. 1
27. Pork carcasses adjudged unacceptable are graded U. S. Utility. 1
28. Publicize legal system during the adjudgement, tell civics to abide the constitution, law, social morality and familial morality. 1
29. Sections 238 and 239 are matched by comparable provisions, in sections 339 to 342, regarding individuals who are adjudged bankrupt. 1
30. Sir Giles Mompesson was adjudged to pay a total of £3,300 for felling timber even though he produced an Exchequer warrant. 1




adjudges (third person present) · adjudged (past tense) · adjudged (past participle) · adjudging (present participle)

  - consider or declare to be true or the case.


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