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# Sentence Times
1. A further cause for unease is that adherence to a free market philosophy combined with reduced taxation has increased economic inequality. 1
2. a slavish adherence to the rules. 1
3. A very cohesive group will demonstrate strong loyalty to its individual members and strong adherence to its established norms. 1
4. According to Ayurveda literature, too much "activity" in one's heart will generate adherence, thirst and lust----which will produce negative mental inclination if they can not be met. 1
5. According to contemporary historian Flavius Josephus, James the Just was highly respected by the Jewish community of Jerusalem for his righteousness and adherence to the Law of Moses. 1
6. After adherence, the particle is enveloped by cell membrane. 1
7. Afterword, if two people love each other more adherence, more do not break up courage, would be less regret, less tragedy. 1
8. An adherence to free trade has evolved into an overarching obligation to minimize market distortion. 1
9. An alternative might be interference with bacterial adhesion by pathogenic Escherichia coli, which have abnormal adherence in ulcerative colitis. 1
10. And yet modern Christians do not consider adherence to the Mosaic Law necessary or perhaps even virtuous. 1
11. And, to some extent, these have been shaped by an adherence to behaviorist principles. 1
12. Arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction has the advantages of less trauma and lower adherence incidence. 1
13. As for the Rhinoceros, in token of their grateful adherence, they had him killed and stuffed directly, and then set him up outside the door of their father's house as a Diaphanous Doorscraper. 1
14. At the same time, this adherence to the remnants of old political beliefs can add to the complication of government. 1
15. Balancing the commitment to the cooperative is adherence to the code of behavior of Magdalena Medio. 1
16. Beyond the prelature's adherence to the arcane ritual of corporal mortification, their views on women were medieval at best. 1
17. Burying it all under a thick shell of bluster, bullying, slavish adherence to protocol and discipline. 1
18. But I still keep using thwarting of lens adherence each landscape, the friend and presses shutter. 1
19. China appreciates the adherence to the one-China policy by the Ugandan government and is satisfied with the current productive cooperation in various areas between the two countries. 1
20. China's adherence to the notions of "non-interference" and its advocacy against separatism ultimately did not amount to much for Khartoum when it came to the secession of South Sudan. 1
21. Conclusion T he results indicate Fn adhesin could mediate adherence of Candida albicans to epithelial cells. 1
22. Conclusion The measure is simple and effective in handling the perforating vein and adherence of skin, and it is worthy of promotion. 1
23. Conclusion The normal anti-consumption therapy combined with Chinese medicine is conducive to relieve pachynsis and adherence of tuberculous pleuritis and recover the lung function. 1
24. Conclusion: Baicalin could inhibit C. albicans germ tube formation, and adherence to buccal epitherial and vaginal epitherial cells. 1
25. Conventionalism: rigid adherence to conventional middle - class values. 1
26. Deep anxiety may cause obsessive behaviour, fanaticism or a strict adherence to religion for the wrong reasons. 1
27. Downside: Long-term adherence. It's hard to stick to a diet that restricts such a big chunk of the food pyramid. 1
28. During preoperational development, children become aware of rules and demand of others a rigid adherence to rules. 1
29. During preoperational development,(This website/demand of.html) children become aware of rules and demand of others a rigid adherence to rules. 1
30. Electron microscope showed that human fetal hair papilla cells was growth well, eumorphism firm adherence. 1





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