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# Sentence Times
1. 'The email program lacks the ability to create local folders or rules for auto-sorting messages, and it doesn't allow group addressing. 1
2. 'The rat,'said O'Brien, still addressing his invisible audience,'although a rodent, is carnivorous. 1
3. "Listen, pardner , " said the leader, ignoring the policeman and addressing Hurstwood. 1
4. "You will never get any help out of me again, " he said, expletives removed, addressing football writers who had flown to Denmark with his team for tonight's Champions League game against Aalborg. 1
5. A community coalition addressing the prevention of substance abuse in the city of Quincy. 1
6. A memory map is the addressing plan for the address bus bits. 1
7. A method of addressing in which the address part of an instruction contains a relative address. 1
8. A new type of data cluster and an indirect addressing method are introduced. The improved database can be used more satisfactorily. 1
9. A separate question specifically addressing the knowledge elements of the projects was also developed. 1
10. A similar approach is needed when addressing the problems of car-dependent regions like the West Midlands. 1
11. A similar mode is relative addressing mode, which calculates the address based on the current program counter. 1
12. A slangy way of addressing your dad. 1
13. A trained midwife could have given her a deworming pill and iron supplements early in the pregnancy, addressing that anemia and strengthening her. 1
14. A woman was addressing the crowd through a loudspeaker. 1
15. Accurate, efficient data transfer with rapid notification of key partners and constituents is critical to effectively addressing emerging infectious disease threats. 1
16. Addressograph : A trade name for addressing machine . See addressing machine. 2
17. Administrator Michael Barnes was given a standing ovation after addressing the audience. 1
18. After addressing a public meeting in support of extending the franchise to agricultural workers he had caught a severe cold. 1
19. After addressing a public meeting in support of extending the franchise to agricultural workers he had caught a severe cold.This website/addressing.html 1
20. After addressing, there will be few mins for asking. 1
21. Ah you will see there is a close similarity, there is well externalism has become a very popular way of addressing the sceptic . 1
22. Also, when you are addressing an envelope to a man alone, would you use Mr or Esq? 1
23. Although the focus of the machines is on unaddressed mail, all four can be equipped with inkjet heads for addressing if necessary. 1
24. An address book makes addressing envelopes easy after writing letters. 1
25. An alternate operating system for the Macintosh based on UNIX . A/UX has its own, unique 32-bit addressing mode. 1
26. An interface between devices and a computer that has memory addressing potential and data transferring ability. 1
27. And as security chairman for the Internet's key oversight body, he is trying to defend the core addressing system from outside threats. 1
28. And since the standard is written with a eye towards chained addressing, users will be surprised if the performance doesn't reflect that. 1
29. Another possibility is that the noun descriptions suggest a particular set of activities which become dominant in addressing schemas for interpretation. 1
30. Are the addressing modes provided the same as for data manipulation instructions? 3.8. 1


[əˈdres, ˈaˌdres]


  - write the name and address of the intended recipient on (an envelope, letter, or package).

  - speak to (a person or an assembly), typically in a formal way.

  - think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem).


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