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# Sentence Times
1. A new deformable arm using micro actuation technology is introduced here. 1
2. A new kind of parallel simulation platform with redundance actuation has been put forward. 1
3. A new wireless echo algorithm is described based on table actuation, stratification and simplification structure. 1
4. A novel self - testable method, thermo - pneumatic actuation, which is based on phase change, is presented. 1
5. A push button switch provides a visual switch actuation acknowledgement signal when actuated. 1
6. After the reform system is take the MCS-51 monolithic integrated circuit system as the control module, Take step-by-steps the electrical machinery as the actuation functional element. 1
7. ARC Systems, Inc. offers custom fabricated Induction motors ideal for various applications such as: Pump, Fans, Hydraulics, Machinery, actuation Systems, Medical, Aerospace and Industrial. 1
8. As one of the individual variable vanes is rotated by an actuation source, the other variable vanes of the variable vane array are rotated a like amount by the rack and pinion gear interface. 1
9. As utilizing principle of torsion spring and leverage, the unique MEMS microwave switch has low actuation voltage, high isolation, low insertion loss and good stability. 1
10. As utilizing principle of torsion spring and leverage, the unique MEMS microwave switch has low actuation voltage, high isolation, low insertion loss and good stability.This website 1
11. Combines Multi - Mount Bracket with Mini - Mount actuation Mounting Kit for additional mounting support. 1
12. Currently, Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator (GMA) based on Joule effect of GMM, becomes research focus in the field of precision actuation. 1
13. Designated the KSJ Series, the single pole, single throw, normally open detect switch features high actuation tolerances along with silent and linear operation during actuation with no tactile effect. 2
14. Dry running linear diaphragm pumps. Two means of actuation: linear and vibrating armature. Very high life time, low noise level and high efficiency. Used as compressors and vacuum pumps. 0
15. Electromagnetic valve actuation (EVA) is a new kind of variable valve timing technology. 1
16. For the first time, copper was used as the IDT (interdigital transducer actuation device in this experiment. 1
17. I am particularly easy recently actuation, often the family member is impassable! 1
18. In addition to the automatic operation system also features a mechanical manual and emergency actuation device. 1
19. In fact, lots of fill ended up dynamic, but with exclusive one moving in and out, that three-hour actuation to Algonquian ended up state a lot thirster thanks to mid-day gridlock . 1
20. In order to analyze the electrical parameters' evolving mechanism in plasma flow control , plasma aerodynamic actuation system's resonance characteristics are experimentally investigated. 1
21. In the kind has used the daemon process, has realized the news actuation. 1
22. Low hysteresis gives consistent machine - function response to valve actuation. 1
23. Methods Produces the fog grain of inspiration treatment sand butylamine mellow, Vitamin K1 and the physiological saline mix solution through the oxygen actuation. 1
24. Next is actuation of the ejector plate. 1
25. On a typewriter , the force required for actuation of the machine's keys. 1
26. Only sometimes, a man needs to have some willfulness and actuation. 1
27. Opening of the cover sets a breath actuable kink valve (10 through which the inhalant is released and a breath flap (12) actuation. 1
28. Sensitive actuation of dual circuIt'service brake system during brake application and release. 1
29. STOP THE HEADLAMP RELAY actuation. 1
30. Systemsutilize complementary, Woodward designed digital control hardware, electrical auxiliaries, servo actuation systems, and on engine accessories. 1




actuations (plural noun)

  - the action of causing a machine or device to operate.


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