Actionable Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A slander is not actionable unless it is published to a third person. 1
2. A statement is not an actionable misrepresentation unless it induced the other party to enter the contract. 1
3. As its business grows, it is imperative that its Operations team can manage the system in a scalable manner by relying on automated actionable event detection. 1
4. Be careful what you say your remarks may be actionable. 1
5. Criminal Law is actionable officially by the prosecution of offenders. 1
6. CTQ usually must be interpreted from a qualitative customer statement to an actionable, quantitative business specification. 1
7. Data mining is a process of extracting valid , previously unknown, comprehensible and actionable infonnation from database. 1
8. Each of these items are actionable i.e. you can actually DO them. 1
9. For the most actionable experience possible , bring this seminar on - site. 1
10. Having a clear list of actionable items gives you the power to focus on a single task at a time, without having to balance 100 or so next-steps in your head. 1
11. His remarks are actionable in my view. 1
12. If objectives are to be meaningful to people, they must be clear, attainable, actionable, and verifiable. 1
13. In all measurements used to generate the results above, the actionable Event filter returned true for one in every 1000 events, so one action was generated for every 1000 events processed. 1
14. In this case the actionable Event filter is a very simple filter, which just checks the value in an event field. 1
15. In this scenario, the actionable Event filter is the same as that in the 1 simple rule scenario. 1
16. In those circumstances I hold that the undoubted disturbance to the residents is not actionable. 1
17. In WTO Uruguay Conference, subsidy is classified as Prohibited subsidies, Auctionable subsidies and Non - actionable subsidies. 1
18. It makes it abundantly clear that even the possession and academic presentation of information necessary for an ethnography could be actionable. 1
19. It soon became clear that breach of confidence was actionable perse, and did not require a contractual relationship between the parties. 1
20. Just as actionable negligence requires the foreseeability of harm to others, so contributory negligence requires the foreseeability of harm to oneself. 1
21. Just as actionable negligence requires the foreseeability of harm to others, so contributory negligence requires the foreseeability of harm to oneself. This website 1
22. Our lawyer advised us that the breach of contract was actionable. 1
23. Problems which allow for smaller incremental changes or improvements are believed to be more actionable. 1
24. She denies that her company has been involved in any actionable activity. 1
25. Slander is an actionable offense. 1
26. So start writing your plan and list out as many actionable steps as you can. 1
27. Such damages may be awarded whether the defamation is actionable per se or per quod. 1
28. The assertion of exclusive rights will, however, be actionable in tort. 1
29. The biggest actionable concern is time to recover from overload. 1
30. The judge ruled that Newman's comments were not an actionable offense. 1

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