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# Sentence Times
1. ( As EPA's enforcement action has been hindered by budgetary contraints, citizen suits have become increasingly important. ). 1
2. 'Bad' actions don't necessarily mean 'bad' people just as 'good' actions don't issue forth solely from 'good' people. 2
3. 'It's a judgment-free, action-packed, adventure-based weekend, ' says Mr. Vasu. 'We go hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, fly-fishing. ' 0
4. 'Let's go!' he said, springing into action. 1
5. 'The best theories owe their appeal to the fact that they acknowledge and seek to elucidate the reciprocal relationship of action and structure'. Discuss. 1
6. " Let's get a move on and decide on a course of action! 0
7. " Obama's top adviser, said Axel Rohde, a Republican interest groups are using "American Crossroads" and "super political action committee" reached into the election. 1
8. "Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. " Benjamin Disraeli. 1
9. "China's actions have helped the global crisis from getting worse, and I agree with its leaders that it is too early to rollback fiscal and monetary measures, " said Zoellick. 1
10. "Dinosaur" is a humorous action movies, which mainly tells a called Allah dale"s small iguanodon adventure course, it consists of a group of lemurs, eventually raised to his brothers and sisters side. 1
11. "Everyone gets a piece of the action, " says DiBello, who has deep-set owlish eyes and a Philadelphia-accented baritone. 1
12. "For ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego, " Haggis wrote. 1
13. "Glycogen is necessary for thinking; it's necessary for muscle action; it's necessary just for the cells to live in general, " says Dr. Naomi Neufeld, an endocrinologist at UCLA. 0
14. "He grasped the meaning of a blinkered youth"( Benjamin DeMott )"The characters have a blinkered view and, misinterpreting what they see, sometimes take totally inexpedient action"( Pauline Kael. 0
15. "In my mind there are a lot of verbal promises but not much action," said Chris Whiteley, an enzymologist at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. 1
16. "Inflection point is talked " rear, also be to fizzle out to make rich a chess, Zhang Jindong receives a psywar of action solely. 1
17. "Proceeding" includes civil suit and criminal, administrative, and investigatory action. 1
18. "Socially engaged Buddhism" tries to blend individual liberation with responsible social action in order to build an enlightened society. 1
19. "The goal is for MLK Day to reignite the American tradition of service and volunteerism and to that end the current call to action is viewed as a starting point," the Web site explains. 1
20. "The government has realized the burden of dementia ... but we need to take action to get a general estimate and we also need more investment in educating the media and government," she says. 1
21. "The police will try to stop us, but we will try to break the blockade in strictly non-violent ways, " said Peter Polder, a 34-year-old Dutch green activist and member of Climate Justice action. 1
22. "The president of our country wants to call our students to action. I'm not sure why parents wouldn't want their students to hear out the leader of our country, " she said. 1
23. "The self-given mandate of "Real Steel" was to do science fiction with sentiment, to do as much heart as action, " Levy says. 1
24. "The visitors to the snow-covered landmass are endangering not just the Antarctic region by their actions, but also the rest of the world, " he said. 1
25. "Thus, any attempt by Plaintiffs to rely upon California law as a basis for maintaining this action in California is misplaced and fails as a matter of law and contract, " the memorandum says. 1
26. "Unite nations with military ceremony" which was punished action of violate ceremony with military means, is main content of military law in West-zhou and Chun-qiu dynasties. 1
27. "We believe that the policy response has to be comprehensive and forceful," he declared in his speech, adding that "there is more risk and greater cost in gradualism than aggressive action." 1
28. "We must dare to think about 'unthinkable things' because when things become unthinkable, thinking stops and action becomes mindless" (J. William Fulbright). 1
29. "We remain prepared to take further policy actions as needed to foster a return to full utilization of our nation's productive potential in a context of price stability," he said. 1
30. "You can't control radiation. It's already there, but you can take preventive action (by not consuming any radioactive food that is tainted with iodine-131 for 80 days), " Deb said. 1




actions (plural noun)

  - the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

  - a thing done; an act.

  - a manner or style of doing something, typically the way in which a mechanism works or a person moves.

  - armed conflict.

  - a legal process; a lawsuit.


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