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1. "It can be painful to the hen to lay a larger egg, " Tom Vesey, who keeps 16, 000 hens on 45 acres at Dingestow, Monmouth, told The Times. 1
2. A Brockhampton farm is paid £87 per acre for the 1,700 acres it has in set-aside. 1
3. A few thousand acres have already gone out of production-you can see the salt on the ground like a dusting of snow. 1
4. A hummingbird rests on a tree branch as it looks out over some 50 acres of giant tecolote ranunculus flowers at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California March 10, 2010. 1
5. A hundred acres of land was made into a peach and pear orchard. 1
6. A metric unit of area equal to 100 ares ( 2.471 acres ). 1
7. A sprayer hooked to a tractor can spray five gallons onto ten acres. 1
8. A total of 6. 8 million acres were set aside for another threatened bird, the northern spotted owl. 1
9. A: We've got a koala conservation area - 2 , 000 acres. 1
10. About 18.6 million acres of oats were harvested for grain in the U.S.A. 1
11. About 40 acres of parkland with lakes, gardens and woodlands, accompany the house. 1
12. Acreage in recent years stabilized at about 3,000 acres. 1
13. Across the rain - drenched roadway was the town park: five acres of grass, giant elm trees and, tonight, an ankle-deep covering of cold water. 1
14. After fifty years, two hundred sculpted trees occupied three sloping acres at the shore of Lake Waban in Wellesley. 1
15. Alcatel Durres is a radius of 22 acres, rocks from the island of Health, from 1934 to 1963, the United States it is the notorious prison of the location of men, imprisoned many legendary figures. 1
16. All I got in here, a sort of five acres of tin foil. 1
17. And China's arable cultivable acres make up only seven per cent of the world's total acreage. 1
18. Arkansas saw nine million acres of marsh and swamp forest converted to farms. 1
19. As the army retreated , it laid waste to thousands of acres of farmland. 1
20. As the army retreated ,(This website/thousands.html) it laid waste to thousands of acres of farmland. 1
21. As we future inclarifyectual leaders, took the time to learn lot acres what's at stook, or now act on which understandledge. 1
22. AT POPE'S CREEK, on America's Potomac river, there's a pre-Columbian rubbish tip of oyster shells covering 30 acres, to an average depth of ten feet. 1
23. At present, the Brazil nut area of 10000 acres planted. 1
24. At Sandhurst in Berkshire, we have relocated several acres of wild flower meadow from the site of our new superstore. 1
25. Biologists have discovered a single network of mycelium in Oregon that spans 2,400 acres. 1
26. Black steam-pipes criss-cross the 1,000 acres as they always have done, hissing here and there through open valves. 1
27. Borges dreams of libraries and Nabokov texts and commentaries, but Calvino pictures acres of vulnerable print, gathered into volumes but constantly menaced with dispersion or vertiginous error.'' 1
28. Brian built coops with wheels so that we could move our chickens around on fresh grass over our seven acres of land. 1
29. BThe 36 acres of hilltop land were owned by Aline Barnsdall, an oil heiress who dabbled in producing avant-garde theater. 1
30. But a second-magnitude Seiberling, Charles, had a mansion and three acres on Market Street right opposite our Orchard Road. 1

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