Accusations Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use accusations, so you can learn how to use accusations in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word accusations here, and see the words sound like or similar to accusations

# Sentence Times
1. "That has created a very ugly environment" with unsubstantiated accusations and name-calling against former members of the Mubarak regime. 1
2. A clean conscience fears not false accusations. 1
3. A clear conscience laughs at false accusations.  1
4. A further negotiation session was planned for late September, but the August talks ended amid mutual accusations. 1
5. A number of serious accusations have been made against her. 1
6. A political climate full of accusations about deceptions and lies is not good. 1
7. A spokesman said the accusations against Mr Fallon would be investigated. 1
8. After all, I had learned how to lead parallel lives as a child: most of the time, I could shut out all the accusations and innuendo and go on with my work. 1
9. Almost immediately, there were accusations that government security agents had attacked the rally. 1
10. An aggressive person is open to accusations of being in league with or under the control of malign mystical powers. 1
11. And then, the prior's reluctant to make any accusations against Isambard but on good, solid evidence. 1
12. Anil Khanna , treasurer of the organising committee , has quit over accusations of graft. 1
13. Any negative statements and accusations made should be promptly and forthrightly answered, preferably at the level on which they originate. 1
14. as commanding general of the Department of the Cumberland, 1861-1862, he feuded with the press, displayed emotional problems, and suffered accusations of insanity. 1
15. As the beer flows in the working men's club, the drinkers make wilder accusations. 1
16. Assault claim: A 15-year-old Darlington boy appeared before the town's Juvenile Court yesterday facing accusations of assault. 1
17. At least 180 of the files contain accusations that Pakistan's military intelligence service, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), had given arms, supplies and training to the insurgents. 1
18. Authority figures might lash out at you with criticism, indignation or accusations. 1
19. Barzel's attempt failed by two votes and there were accusations of bribery being used to achieve the result. 1
20. Biden ran another brief and unsuccessful campaign for president in 1988, dropping out of the race amid accusations he plagiarized a speech from British Labor Leader Neal Kinnock. 1
21. Bishop Corrada, in particular, seemed willing to believe false and easily refuted accusations against the priests at Holy Trinity. 1
22. Bitter accusations and recriminations followed the disaster. 1
23. Burton's enemies had made false accusations against him. 1
24. But for now, some of the accusations being thrown at China are wide of the mark. 1
25. But law enforcement and government representatives have unequivocally denied the accusations. 1
26. But the accusations against Bacon were often foreshadowed in Tudor times. 1
27. But the victories were tainted by accusations of atrocities against civilians. 1
28. Cage changed his name to deflect accusations of nepotism. 1
29. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, on Tuesday to confront him about the accusations, which he had seized upon and publicized. 1
30. Church takes accusations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously. 1

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