Accuracy Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "By looking at these three figures, " the cable says, "Li said he can measure with relative accuracy the speed of economic growth. 1
2. A better description of its use is that it automatically loose feeds the swim with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. 1
3. A calculative example for trans - ducer's accuracy is given in the Appendix. 1
4. A check digit is a method of verifying the accuracy of a single data item, such as a credit card number. 1
5. A Chinese star chart possibly dating from the 7th century AD mapped the heavens with an accuracy unsurpassed until the Renaissance, according to research. 1
6. A complete solution assembles the transmitter, sensor and thermowell together for improved calibration and accuracy. 1
7. A conclusion is drawn that for the AAL2 packet voice multiplexer without bit dropping, the UAS model can be used to analyze the probability of packet loss due to buffer overflow with great accuracy. 1
8. A construction layout about flexible, convent, new type, multi parameter, high accuracy, large volume data acquisition system for the Rubidium atomic frequency standard test is put forward. 1
9. A cultural-based particle swarm optimization (CBPSO) algorithm is proposed to improve the computational accuracy and efficiency of PSO and avoid premature. 1
10. A current fed model is used to excite the problem space, which simplifies the algorithm of a feed model and improves the computational accuracy by comparison with a voltage fed model. 1
11. A detailed debate ensued about the technique's degree of reliability and accuracy. 1
12. A different example where accuracy is lost will crop up unexpectedly. 1
13. A digital signal is sent to the CPU board after the power and current are detected by a Hall digital element, the CPU board sets power control according to a user (ensuring 1% accuracy of the power). 1
14. A fair amount of rough means accuracy off the tee is as important as the ability to keep it low. 1
15. A fast distributed algorithm for mining adjustable accuracy association rules is presented using sampling and meta learning. 1
16. A flat metal plate for gauging the accuracy of a plane surface in precision metalworking. 1
17. A general method, namedf refining matrix technique, is presented to improve the accuracy ofa thin plate bending element. 1
18. A half pel accuracy and variable block size motion estimation scheme is discussed lastly. 1
19. A high degree of accuracy is needed. 1
20. A high precision method based on the phase congruency features was presented in this paper for automated evaluating sub-pixel band-to-band registration accuracy of satellite multispectral imagery. 1
21. A knowledge base with self-contained functions and knowledge can consumedly improve efficiency and accuracy of a question answering system. 1
22. A mathematical theory of statistical predictors and how to assess their accuracy has been developed by the principal investigator and others. 1
23. A Medic plucked out a needle-pistol and fired with splendid accuracy at Bjortson's muscle-corded neck. 1
24. A method of geostationary satellite positioning based on road is presented. The positioning accuracy is also discussed. 1
25. A model based research method is adopted to forecast the temperature and improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis for satellite heat control subsystem. 1
26. A multiclass text categorization model based on latent semantic analysis and support vector machine is researched and designed to enhance the accuracy of categorization. 1
27. A new aiming method in laser interferometer-single slit multisampling system for improving the accuracy of line scale is introduced. 1
28. A new FEM, the quasi-stable state heat conduction method, is thus developed. It offers a comparatively high accuracy to calculation, with the results checked up by experiment. 1
29. A new measuring principle which can increase the accuracy of the angular indexing measuring system is presented. 1
30. A new method ameliorating the calibration accuracy for flowmeter that is based on BP network-(genetic is proposed. 1

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