Accommodative Definition

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1. "Macro supports are clear from still accommodative policy settings, improved financial conditions and the inventory cycle," he said. 1
2. Asia's love affair with real estate has been fuelled by easy money and accommodative government policies. 1
3. Conclusion Patients with CSC had reduced accommodative function. 1
4. Conclusion The distance vision descend degree with the accommodative spasm diopters was reported positive correlation. 1
5. First, there is the accommodative type. 1
6. It has crucial importance for the accommodative phase of reading progress. 1
7. Objective : To study the effects of the combining therapy for accommodative esotropia ( RAET ) and its related factor. 1
8. Objective To analyze the accommodative parameters between anisometropes and emmetrope and to see if the accommodation parameters are the risk factor for myope progression. 1
9. Objective To investigate the accommodative lag and accommodative amplitude in the adolescent hyperopic anisometrope and to compare the differences of them between the dominant and non-dominant eyes. 2
10. Objective To investigate the surgical extent and methods for pediatric partial accommodative esotropia. 1
11. Objective To study the characteristics Pattern Reversal VisualEvoked Potentials ( PRVEP ) in children with accommodative esotropia amblyopia. 1
12. Offer adjutant therapy to accommodative myopia, insomnia, and dark eye sockets and help eliminate fatigue. 1
13. Phoria at distance and near, positive and negative relative accommodation(NRA/PRA), accommodative convergence and accommodation response were measured. Results Response AC/A ratio of P. M. 1
14. Results The 1 CU accommodative PC - IOLs after implantation had good centered and stable and no IOL - specific complications. 1
15. The pegging episode is discussed because it provides such a strong example of a purely accommodative policy. 1
16. The teachers tended to be highly accommodative to the activities of " Hopeful Reading Project. " 1
17. Types of esotropia include infantile esotropia , accommodative esotropia, and sixth nerve palsy. 1
18. We should arrange accommodative time to play a computer. 1
19. What bargaining style did the parties exhibit : accommodative, competitive, compromising, avoiding, collaborative, or mixed? 1
20. What bargaining style did the parties exhibit : accommodative, competitive, compromising, avoiding, collaborative(sentencedict .com), or mixed? 1





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