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# Sentence Times
1. - Taking the prevention of drug abuse by teenagers as a basic project in drug control. 1
2. (At the climax it gets revived with jumper cables.) In Hollywood movies such behavior is unacceptable; it's children who get to abuse adults by sassing and sabotaging them. 1
3. 'Drugs' are associated in most people's minds with drug abuse. 1
4. " is often used instead of " drug abuse " to make clear substances such as alcohol tobacco can beads harmfully misused as heroin cocaine. 1
5. " is often used instead of "drug abuse" to make clear that substances such as alcohol and tobacco can be just as harmfully misused as heroin and cocaine. 0
6. " Use everything and abuse me and then walk off. 1
7. "Despite this senseless abuse, we have had no reports of Tusker hurting anyone, which is testament to his basic good nature, " Rodrigues said. 1
8. "Governments have begun to address abuse of migrant workers, including with strengthened employment contracts and labor law provisions," Varia said. 1
9. "He has abused his position," a cold and angry protester said. 1
10. "It is a very good culture. We support the women, " says Wazir, dismissing the notion that family abuse and despondency could be the main factor driving patients to his burn center. 1
11. "The list of abuses against migrants in 2010 is long and grim," Varia said. 1
12. "Think still again," he said,"and do not act rashly. The best of God's gifts may be abused,and yet they are all good. 1
13. 18% of the adults sampled admitted having had problems with alcohol abuse. 1
14. 18% of the adults sampled admitted having had problems with alcohol abuse. This website 1
15. A checklist of the types of physical abuse was developed to identify and categorise them. 1
16. A clingy child was also an abused child according to these guidelines. 1
17. A community coalition addressing the prevention of substance abuse in the city of Quincy. 1
18. A constellation of social difficulties has also been found to characterise parents who severely physically abuse their children. 1
19. A definition which fails to confront abuse fails to bring about effective interventions and risks increasing the incidence of abuse. 2
20. A delusional disorder occurring mainly in Hong Kong females, thinking they are superior. They abuse feminism and get benefit using their gender from male friends. 1
21. A fabulously wealthy court eunuch of China's Ming dynasty, Liu Jin abused his a great fortune. 1
22. A few foul-mouthed louts in the crowd were shouting racist abuse. 1
23. A four-letter word was among his offerings and the official had no alternative but to give him a warning for verbal abuse. 1
24. A heavy burden is placed on the magistrates to protect individual liberty from the abuse of police power. 1
25. A muckraking reporter searches for and exposes scandals and abuses occurring in business and politics. 1
26. A number of reports about relatively small incidents could add up to a pattern of abuse that called for action. 1
27. A person's power to confer rights on others by his consent does, however, expose him to blackmail and abuse. 1
28. A prevailing view of substance abuse, supported by both the National Institute on Drug abuse and Alcoholics Anonymous, is the disease model of addiction. 2
29. A problem in researching child abuse is that social workers, in particular, are consistently subjected to complaints about their work. 1
30. A psychiatrist who is a two-time badminton champion and a domestic abuse survivor finds that her love of the game can be used to bring about a win-win situation for everyone. 1

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