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# Sentence Times
1. A linear programming has been programmed to analyze mixture, a reciprocal treatment for the calibration of absorbance coefficient is presented. 1
2. Based on differential analysis of the light curve, it seems that the epidermic cell layer could facilitate the averaging light absorbance between different tissue layers within a leaf. 1
3. Based on odd value decomposition of the absorbance matrix, a modified CPA algorithm is devel - oped. 1
4. Blueberry and Bilberry are ranked as some of the highest antioxidant rich fruits based on their ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals in the ORAC(oxygen radical absorbance capacity) test. 1
5. Different functional group also brings different influence for the absorbance of alkali metal. 1
6. Dosimeter absorbances should be read within a short period after exposure to radiation. 1
7. In low absorbance, the kinetics of photopolymerization is similar to that of thermal polymerization, while in high absorbance, they will be quite different. 2
8. Method: Aminoprin and Antipyrine was determined by P-matrix spectrophotometry. Barbitial was determined by P-matrix spectrophotometry with absorbance reduction technique. 1
9. Method: Aminoprin and Antipyrine were determined by CPA matrix spectrophotometry. Barbitial was determined by CPA matrix spectrophotometry with absorbance reduction technique. 1
10. Methods. Using alcohol as solvent, the absorbance were determined at wavelength at 264± nm, drew the standard curves. 1
11. NOTE — Either absorbance or transmittance measurement may be used for preparing inocula. 1
12. Objective:To investigate the feasibility of fast assay of vitamin C (VC) in body fluids by iodometry with UV absorbance detection. 1
13. Photometric Standards for absorbance are used to check the accuracy of spectrometer systems. 1
14. Spectrophotometer reading ( absorbance ) for each standard : This has a value of 10 marks. 1
15. The absorbance divided by the path length in centimeters is not more than 0.04. 1
16. The effect of cesium iodide on thallium atomic absorbance in the presence of palladiummagnesium nitrate as a matrix modifier was investigated . 1
17. The gold in blister copper sample was pretreated with nitric acid- sulphuric acid to remove copper, digested with aqua, and determined by flame atom absorbance spectrometry. 1
18. The kinetics of the renaturation and reactivation of glucoamylase denatured by guanidine HCl was determined by means of the UV differential absorbance measurement and fluorescence emission spectra. 1
19. The molar absorbance at 350 nm increases if the aldehyde contains a double bond. 1
20. The results showed that increased ammonia concentration caused the maximum wavelength red shift anddecreased the absorbance. 1
21. The UV-visible absorbance spectra of the dyes were recorded on a spectrophotometer, the half-peak width and the molar extinction coefficient were determined. 1
22. This paper described the spectrophotometric determination of carboxyhemoglobin in blood on the basis of double wavelength spectrophotometry of absorbance difference. 1


[əbˈzôrbəns, -ˈsôr-]


absorbances (plural noun)

  - a measure of the capacity of a substance to absorb light of a specified wavelength. It is equal to the logarithm of the reciprocal of the transmittance.


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