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# Sentence Times
1. 'The email program lacks the ability to create local folders or rules for auto-sorting messages, and it doesn't allow group addressing. 1
2. " There is a premium on sharpness of mind and the ability to accumulate money. 1
3. "As an emergent great power, China, too, has the ability not just to act but to lead; to be great not just in size but in influence; to energise others around the world" he will say. 1
4. "Failing to raise the debt ceiling would do irreparable harm to our credit standing, would undermine our ability to lead on global economic issues and would damage our economy," he said. 1
5. "Gabby scored a good goal and he showed the ability he has and the pace and energy he has, " said the United skipper. 1
6. "I don't have any magical ability, " he said. "I look at a. 1
7. "If future autumn warming occurs at a faster rate than in spring, the ability of northern ecosystems to sequester carbon may be diminished earlier than previously suggested, " write the scientists. 1
8. "It was a catastrophic error. It caused a loss of confidence in the authorities' ability to handle the financial crisis which really did change things and proved hugely costly, " he said. 1
9. "Next to iron and ice, silicon is the most important inorganic crystalline solid because of our tremendous ability to control electrical conduction via chemical and electrical means, " he explained. 1
10. "Obama's ability to convey his feelings of self-worth to others may have helped him project the image of competence and confidence that voters found so compelling, " Zeigler Hill told the Digest. 1
11. "Opportunity for each" is promised, but within the bounds of each person's ability; the reality is, some people will realize the American Dream more stupendously and significantly than others. 0
12. "Originally, we were testing sildenafil, the active drug in Viagra, as a cardiovascular drug and for its ability to lower blood pressure, " said Dr Brian Klee, senior medical director at Pfizer. 1
13. "Small yet rigid crystals showed the ability to quickly re-form their broken bonds, and as a result fail 'gracefully' — that is, gradually rather than suddenly," graduate student Keten explains. 1
14. "That'svery exciting, because it indicates that the ability to regenerate isstill there, in a dormant state, " Bely says, "though it probably hasn'tbeen expressed or seen in millions of years." 1
15. "That'svery exciting, because it indicates that the ability to regenerate isstill there, in a dormant state, " Bely says,(This website/regenerate.html) "though it probably hasn'tbeen expressed or seen in millions of years." 1
16. "The growth in demand is outstripping most campuses' ability to meet it, " says William W. Hoffa, a former study-abroad adviser at Amherst College who now consults independently. 1
17. "The MONARCH microarchitecture is unique in its ability to reconfigure itself to optimize processing on the fly," Uros says. 1
18. A 0-0 opening draw against Uruguay led to doubts over England's ability to dethrone Brazil, but England reached the last eight following victories over Mexico and France. 1
19. A balanced diet will increase your ability to resist inflection. 1
20. A cap on service utilization per transaction ensures the ability to size appropriately as well as providing a measure to reuse for capacity planning. 1
21. A cDNA library could contain all cDNAs from a single tissue, for example, and could be screened for the ability to hybridize to a fragment of known DNA. 1
22. A characteristic of the camel is its ability to live for a long time without water. 1
23. A company's ability to pay off its debts. The calculation is to use total current assets divide total short-term liabilities. 1
24. A comparatively new variety, Bandit, also impressed with yielding ability. 1
25. A comparison of bacteriostatic ability has been carried out among oleum of Perilla frutescens and Cinnamomum cassia, benzoic acid and nipagin A. 1
26. A conflict at work tests your ability to be polite -- you with flying colors. 1
27. A creature with this feat becomes so skilled with its telekinesis ability that it can manipulate and use magic items via telekinesis. 1
28. A delicate touch of exotic beauty: Our . 50 Carat Total Weight Tanzanite Stud Earrings demand attention with their distinctive ability to change color from deep purple-blue to violet-blue. 1
29. A detailed analysis has been carried out on the calculation of braking ability of escalator and automatic footway. Some related computing formulae were set up, and checking up steps was presented. 1
30. A difference in your ability to support your weight is another tip-off to an injury that requires attention. 1




abilities (plural noun)

  - possession of the means or skill to do something.

  - talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area.


  - forming nouns of quality corresponding to adjectives ending in -able (such as suitability corresponding to suitable).


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