Abandoned Definition

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# Sentence Times
31. After the Incan civilization collapsed, the site was abandoned and the rainforest overgrew it for 400 years. 1
32. After the Wiarda left the area two survivors from the U-boat climbed on to an abandoned lifeboat. 1
33. After three hours of intermittent rain, the game was abandoned. 1
34. After throwing things around in a very haphazard fashion she finally abandoned her search. 1
35. After well over an hour the race was abandoned as the fleet slowly drifted backwards out of the harbour. 1
36. Alan Keyes, an eloquent black talk-show host who fervently opposes abortion, has never officially abandoned the race. 1
37. Albatron"s wife - Azolla, in order to search for love has been missed, willingly,(This website/willingly.html) leaving their families abandoned women;" 1
38. Alexander II is very clear, if not abandoned the small profits, then the Italian there is no guarantee. 1
39. Alexandra saw a wooden hobby horse abandoned in the gloom, one wheel missing. 1
40. All around its abandoned buildings some one had left a junkyard of old wood and iron scrap. 1
41. All attempts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict have now been abandoned. 1
42. All is fair in love and war , my friend abandoned her ex boyfriend for a toff . 1
43. All that digging had left a network of abandoned mines and tunnels. 1
44. All we know for sure is that Sennacherib abandoned the siege and galloped back in disgrace to his kingdom, where he was murdered 18 years later, apparently by his own sons. 1
45. Along the way, he abandoned his crew of over 1 million on desolate planets, far from the eyes of his warmongering brethrens. 1
46. Alyssia bared her teeth in a semblance of a smile and then abandoned the effort. 1
47. Among them: a session of the state Supreme Court, a senior assisted-living facility and an animal shelter for abandoned pets. 1
48. An abandoned baby was found in a box on the hospital steps. 1
49. An abandoned circus wagon with peeling paint is in the background, in it a hopeless dark woman imprisoned behind bars. 1
50. An abandoned village lies under the water of the reservoir. 1
51. An abandoned warehouse at 99 River Street. 1
52. An analysis on the effect of cultivated grassland on soil respiration rate was conducted for the abandoned land and the transferred farmland in the Ordos Sandy Land Improvement Experimental Station. 1
53. An anxious couple complained to the Master that their son had abandoned the religious traditions of the family and proclaimed himself a freethinker. 1
54. An old garden rockery flowers a priceless abandoned antique bed of two values - nature and materialism! 1
55. Analogical theories of the photograph have been abandoned; we no longer believe that the photograph directly replicates circumstances. 0
56. And I like his doodles, follies and ideas toyed with and abandoned in impatience, the debris of a restless desire. 1
57. And many countries abandoned silver standard early or late and took gold as standard, Russian paper Ruble then got into trouble, for it took silver as universal equivalent. 1
58. And shortly, in her armies' unremitting retreat, the great fortress of Przemysl was abandoned to siege. 1
59. And the singer Michael Jackson has even expressed interest in building a $ 500m theme park on an abandoned airfield near Warsaw. 1
60. And then he noticed the step-ladder, abandoned quickly, left in a precarious tilt against a column of boxes. 1

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