Abandoned Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " The author believes that " avantgarde criticism" has abandoned the criticalness of literary criticism in its identification with the reality of consumer society. 1
2. " the woman asks, " that blackguardly abandoned me, the bosom that threw another woman. 1
3. " the woman asks, "That blackguardly abandoned I, the bosom that threw another woman. 1
4. "Fish Numen" Two people, abandoned platform, rusted rails, where is this place? 1
5. "The job market could be even more competitive as improving job prospects entice people who abandoned their job searches out of frustration to re-enter the labor pool," he said. 1
6. A baby boy without a name, either abandoned or rescued from domestic or drug violence, rests in a crib at the Ciudad Juarez branch of Mexico's DIF family development agency August 16, 2010. 1
7. A boy eats grains of rice with his hands in his bed during breakfast at the Wings of Hope, a home for abandoned children with severe disabilities in Fermate, Haiti on March 5th, 2010. 1
8. A deer was stricken by an arrow; its abandoned fawn was seized by a wolf. 1
9. A fraud trial involving two homosexual lawyers was abandoned. 1
10. A humbled nation long ago abandoned such pharaonic gestures. 1
11. A Libyan rebel poses for a souvenir picture outside the mansion of Muatassim Khadafy, a son of the embattled leader and the nation's national security adviser before the government abandoned Tripoli. 1
12. A light rum and tonic in hand, he abandoned his post for the kitchen to forage for food. 1
13. A lot of farming techniques have been abandoned because they were too labour-intensive. 1
14. A national newspaper claimed yesterday that the scheme had been abandoned due to a lack of government backing. 1
15. A passer-by spotted an abandoned plastic bag and alerted police. 1
16. A person retains a domicile until it is abandoned. 1
17. A son of Laius and Jocasta, who was abandoned at birth and unwittingly killed his father and then married his mother. 1
18. A truly democratic government would have realised the populace was against the tax and abandoned it immediately. 1
19. According to an eyewitness account, the thieves abandoned their vehicle near the scene of the robbery and then ran off. 1
20. Accordingly managed floating was generally adopted when the adjustable peg was abandoned. 1
21. After Alphie the piglet was abandoned by his mother, the owner Claire, who lived in Cape Town, South Africa, decided to bottle-feed him. 1
22. After completion of laconic epistolary compositions she abandoned the implement of calligraphy in the encaustic pigment, exposed to the corrosive action of copperas , green vitriol and nutgall. 1
23. After discreet soundings, they prudently abandoned the idea, which would have involved a major encroachment upon judicial independence. 1
24. After fifteen months of heated debate, Billingham was abandoned. 1
25. After giving their pursuers the slip, the thieves abandoned the Cavalier. 1
26. After his heart attack, he abandoned his ambition to become Prime Minister. 1
27. After implementing this one system, seminal company abandoned institution the dependent mentality. 1
28. After many years the government finally abandoned its apartheid system of racial separation. 1
29. After robbing the van, they made their getaway in the red car, which was abandoned a few hundred yards away. 1
30. After that contemporary abandoned baronial and narrative, be a kind more of fractional type appear. 1

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